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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Great Day in the Morning Conundrum

Anybody have experience with Yuengling Beer? They've just started selling here in NE Ohio. I know the history (oldest brewery, PA people love it, blah blah). I'm just wondering if anybody has had it and what they thought. I almost bought some of their Black and Tan last night. And since I heard a profile last year, I've been wondering what they're like.

But as you all know I'm a notorious cheap-skate. So paying $1 a bottle, with $6 being the minimum investment, is a little steep for me (yes, I'd pay $2 or $3 at a bar to try it, I'm not that cheap, but I don't go to bars anymore, so I guess I am that cheap). If all else fails I'm assuming that I'll be someplace around the holidays that I might get to try it.

Now, to counter the cheap-skate image, normally I do pay $7.50 (Guinness in cans) and $9.00 (Sam Adams Cherry Wheat) for a six-pack. Although that lasts me a year and a half most times. So I'm not a complete cheap-skate.

Just so you know.


Nathan said...

I like Yuengling - the lager. The first place I had it was in MN. It must have been one of the first areas they were expanding to in the early 90's. The thing is, it wasn't positioned as a "craft" beer. It was one of the cheap beers available.

And where I live, a $6 six-pack is still cheap. (Walgreens has a house brand for $2/six-pack, but...yuck.)

Phiala said...

I live in Pennsylvania. I drink Yuengling, both the lager and the porter. Why? Here it's cheap, AND it's the one drinkable beer guaranteed to be on tap in every bar and restaurant I enter. Or at least the ones with licenses: I could rant for a long time on PA's Byzantine archaic alcohol laws.

I do like it, and it's extra-good to have a fallback in a town prone to shitty American beers.

Ah, here's the key bit: when we're entertaining reasonably large groups of people, we get a case of Yuengling lager and a mixed case with something darker in it. So yes, I recommend trying it, and will feed it to my friends.

Random Michelle K said...

Michael loves it.

I don't drink beer.

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Walgreens has a house brand? (*shudder*)

Dr. Phil

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks, everybody. Tonight I was finally able to go to a local restaurant (and there's only a few of those) and they have Yuengling. So I got to try it.

It was the lager, and I wasn't all that impressed. At first the after taste bothered me, but by the end of the bottle I was kind of okay with it. I don't think I'll spend money on any more of it, but it was good enough to make me want to try the Black and Tan. I know they have other lines, but they don't sell many of them here, yet.