What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend roundup

Argh, I still don't have my holiday decorations up. This whole sunset at 5pm thing is throwing me off. And actually, now that we're into the "battleship grey skies until the ice goes out" time of year, the effective work till time is about 4:15pm. Loosing two days to taking the car to the collision shop, and then picking it up, just hasn't helped.

I had been hoping to avoid putting up the decorations in the cold and rain, but it appears the universe wants to laugh at me.

The final leaf clearing is only partially done. It was still windy this weekend, and I tried to play to that (changing the direction I normally clear the leaves, which meant longer trips to the back hauling the tarp loaded with 100lbs of the brown things). But I ran out of daylight so there's one section on the front lawn that isn't done, and the whole side yard. Because I had to work in reverse order, that one part is midway out to the street on the front lawn. So I get to be "bad neighbor" until I can finish it, or enough snow falls that it hides my sin.

The benefit of the driving around was I had to run into Home Depot over the weekend and I saw the thing that I absolutely need this holiday season. The 12 foot airblown Santa. Wants.

If I set that up, I swear I'd give my neighbor across the street, with whom I have decoration wars (mostly in his head, but it's fun to play with him) an actual heart attack. The downside is that now that it's winter, my lot is very windy and 12 feel of inflatable anything is going to have problems in that wind.

Sunday was devoted to cleaning inside and studying. I knew we had gone over a lot of material last Wednesday, but I hadn't realized just how much until I started making note cards. ZOMG. And he went over it fast enough that I think I will need to read the chapters to figure out just WTF we're talking about. It took me way to long to figure out that six slides were talking about different virus capsule construction techniques, shapes, and functions. I kept trying to put them all together in my head. It wasn't until I skimmed that section in the book that I realized, d'uh, that we were talking about different virus strategies. Sigh.

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