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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, November 14, 2011

I fought the deer and the deer won

In case you're wondering, "Hey, just what does a Civic look like after hitting a 6-point buck at around 45mph?" Both are guesses, he did have antlers, was pretty tall, but just barely seen in the headlights before I was calculating vectors to avoid the bastard. Also, I was standing on the brakes when we hit, but wasn't fully decelerated. I was doing about 30-35mph on the other side of him. All in all, it was about 2 seconds of interaction. I didn't see a body (but it was very dark, and I didn't have a good flashlight). I don't think he survived too long. So, technically, I think I won.


Nathan said...


Glad your windshield's intact. Coulda hurt a lot worse.

Eric said...

Like Nathan said, "OUCH!"

Glad you're okay, whatever did or didn't happen to that damn hoofed pedestrian who didn't look both ways.

vince said...

Been there, done that more than once. Stupid deer.

Steve Buchheit said...

Nathan, oh yeah, the collision shop guys were surprised there wasn't more damage.

Eric, I don't know. There was no body when I went back (but like I said, it was dark, and I didn't have a good flashlight with me). So, he could be off drinking with his friends, showing off his scars. My guess is that adrenalin got him somewhere into the fields and woods around this area where he dropped. I'm just hoping that if he did that, he didn't suffer long.

Steve Buchheit said...

Vince, yeah, they aren't the sharpest crayon in the stack. Or something like that.

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Hit a deer with the 1989 Blazer -- cost $247 to fix. Two years later, hit a deer with the 1985 Blazer of the same two-tone color scheme. Same body shop. Same $247. Ran out of blue/gray Blazers, so never did the third repetition to find the trend price.

Dr. Phil

Steve Buchheit said...

Dr. Phil, they must be pricing on the color. Now, if it was Red or Metallic Black, you'd probably pay more.

I don't think I said this, but I have pretty good insurance with a $50 deductible (yeah, they keep trying to get me to switch or update).

Dan Berlyoung said...

I'll add my voice to the chorus. Glad you're ok. Sorry about the hood.

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks, Dan. On the plus side, since it was in the body shop I'm having them fix the dash.