What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Linkee-poo in the morning

I thought I'd post these before some of them become the past.

Look, this kind of stuff (shooting someone photographing you), is never justified. Yes, sure, see the graffiti on the statue, hear the taunts, and I expect we'll have a press release about how the police officer was being taunted individually, but you couldn't see it on camera… but without a charge to "clear" the premises, you just don't do those sorts of things. (Pointed to by Dan)

New study links depression in fathers to behavior problems in children. Lots of stuff in there about how big D causes more problems than just affecting the person experiencing it. There's some things about insurance coverage (the insurance industry is dragging it's feet on recognizing mental health as an issue they should cover). But I also point to this as a symptom of our cultural attitudes, '"'There are countless articles on the effect of depression and other mental health problems in mothers on children, but this is… the first paper that… has looked at similar effects in fathers," said study author Dr. Michael Weitzman…'. Should I find an article on just how often women are prescribed anti-depressants when doctors can't rationalize the symptoms they are feeling? (Grokked from Jay Lake)

We don't need any silly regulations from the EPA (pointed to by Dan). And I'm sure all this "end regulation" talk has nothing to do with the prevalence of polluters who haven't cleaned up their act. Nah. Couldn't be connected.

Because, you know, nothing we do actually harms the environment. At least in the first study. A year or so later and the environment starts showing the signs of damage. (Grokked from Morgan Locke)

A satirical poll on renaming the Department of Homeland Security. (Pointed to by Dan)

Well, Gov. Kasich has pretty much lied his way around SB 5 since the beginning, did you expect him to speak the truth now? Okay, well, I can forgive him a little, because in Ohio, football is a religion. Most fans believe things that never actually happened.

The pee-cup industry must be proud of their lobbyists.

"You keep using that word (socialist). I donna think it means what you think it means." But in other positive news, as basically everybody gets that Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate, many top conservatives are making declarations that they won't endorse any nominee. Stay classy, conservatives. It's what we like about you.

Thanks for concerning yourself with all the people out of a job, Herman Cain, but I think the world will continue to spin while you try to figure out how to counter the sexual harassment charges. And then there's the Rush ranting which really shows just how depraved his mentality is. I expect to start to hear about how "Rush is just this guy, you know" instead of a power broker within the conservative movement in 3… 2… 1… Boy, I'm glad we don't blame and villify the victim in crimes involving sex in this country. Because that would be bad. (That's irony, in case you missed it).

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