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Thursday, August 23, 2007

40 Years of Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Onions and a Seasame-Seed Bun

The BigMac is 40. Go have some greesy for lunch and clog your arteries. The BM used to be may favorite McDs sandwich, until the $1 double-cheese burger came along.

I'm still a Wendy's guy (I used to be a lunch grillman there). It's just an anniversary. I'll return to my favorite on-the-road food after this blip.

Well, anymore, I don't much much fast food anyway.


Anonymous said...

I'm older than the BM by almost three years. That's depressing. I used to like that burger too, but lately I like their salads. Occasionally, I like the double cheese burger. But at my age, fast food goes right to my spare tire.

Oddly enough, I've also noticed that fast food tastes horrible if you can abstain from eating it for longer than a month.

Unknown said...

The question is "how many people who eat Big Macs have made it to 40?" OK, bad joke. The damn jingle is going to be in my head all day now.

I am a Micky D's person, but only because of their fries. I cannot stand anything on their menu, but those damn cursed fries keep me coming back and back and back. I miss the days when BK and Micky D's were always side by side. I could get a BK burger and McDonald's fries and be so happy.

Jim Wright said...

I hate MD's and always have, haven't eaten there in years. I never understood the fascination with their fries either, I like my fries more, uh, substantial - like steak fries. Can't eat BK either, that nasty fake smoke crap they put into their burgers haunts me for days afterward - of course, I'm older than the Big Mac, so everything I eat haunts me for days afterward.

If I have to eat fast food, it's usually Wendy's, and for my money they've got the best fries in the drive-up window business. Then again the nearest Wendy's is in Anchorage and that's a two hour drive for me, so I don't eat there very often.

Steve Buchheit said...

I'm a year and a half older than the BM. And I have to say McD's fries are pretty tastee, but then I remember the bruhaha over some strict hindus (hindii?) that ate at McD's, only had the fries, and then were aghast to find out that the fries are spiked with beef products (dripping and some of the chemicals they put in their beef patties). So I'm kind off those fries now.

The best fries, though, are 3am dead fries at Wendy's. You can only get them by working the midnight shift after the drive-through is closed. They're oversalted, over crisped, and I used the dead ketchup. Mmmm.

Ken, yep, McDs give me gas anymore, and since I'm not ingesting them every week like I used to, they don't sit well in my stomach.

Kanrei, I'm still struggling with weight (which entered my realm of consciousness when I was in my thirties). Yeah, each one of those double-cheese goes right on the front.

And Jim, heck You Get Fresh Salmon, right from the creek. How cool is that. Heck, if I got that, I wouldn't buy hardly any preprocessed foods. Hmmm, grilled salmon stakes with a honey mustard sauce (very light), and a sprinkle of salt.

Unknown said...

Fries are a picky thing for me. McD's fries do not win on taste so much as they are always crispy. I hate soggy fries. The Wendy's here are notorious for thier soggy bendy flacid fries. I want a crunch. In restaurants, I always order mine well done. "Burn 'em if you gotta" I say.

Steve Buchheit said...

kanrei, yeah, soggy fries suck. It means that they weren't drained or cooked correctly. They might also have be thawed and refrozen (which doesn't work). I know a lot of Wendy's went to those stupid fry machines that beep when the fries are done. I never had those. I worked my way up from fries, and as the mainline grillman, when we lost our lunch contingient, I was also responsible for fries (and the grill). Golden and crispy are the way fries are meant to be.

Camille Alexa said...

Yucky, y'all.

Steve Buchheit said...

Camille, sorry, we're guys. :)