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Thursday, August 2, 2007

RFID Tagged

Margle! Okay, so I'm doing some light surfing at work and I check out Camille's (littlebird blue) blog (note to self to update links list with Camille's name). She has one of those blog tagging memes, and she references the blog she got it from (the writer of which, Kanrei, is a frequent commentor on Camille's blog). So I go over there, just idly reading and BANG, "If you are reading this (AND HAVE A BLOG)consider yourself tagged." Damn it.

8 things you don't need to know about me

I, like Kanrei (and most of you), have a day job. I'm also a councilman (so if your looking to fullfil your prurient interests, ain't gonna happen). And there are some standing orders that I can't violate.

8. I'm also cheap. I wasn't always this way. Money used to burn a hole in my pocket. The woman who is my wife has cured me of that. But now I think we've gone too far, and she's taken over my old role. This has lead to many compromises in my life. I don't go to many events because of the costs involved. Things that need purchasing, I do buy. I don't buy cheap replacements (I drive a Honda Civic after all). I am very aware of price and will shop around to find the best price. I should add that I tip very well, though.

7. I come from small, worried-people stock. Yes, I am mightly tall and bestride the world with some confidence, but then there's the other side that makes me worry about things that probably won't happen. All I'm saying is that when the shit hits the fan, I'm ready. :) It does make life a little hard and consumes a lot of energy. If someone is late, I worry that they were in an accident. I worry that I'm not doing enough. I worry about getting published, if I'm wasting my time. I worry when something medical happens. I worry about being stuck in places.

6. I'm compulsive about locking doors. I'm not "If I don't recheck twenty times my mom will suffer another heart-attack" compulsive, but I will double check to make sure doors are locked and the garage door is down before I leave the driveway. It's something I struggle with.

5. I'm generally self-centered. If I'm not watching myself I will try and direct the conversation to be about me. I also occasionally do the "but my story tops yours" behavior. I really, really, work hard on this one. Or is that statement too self-centered? This isn't narcissism, I don't think. It's more like a validation need.

4. I'm prone to being so upset that I yell at the TV and radio. And in the last decade, there's been plenty to be upset about.

3. I use trivia games to remind myself I have a high IQ. I'm not going to quote you a number (that would be bragging), but let's just say that Mensa Membership qualifications aren't a problem. I don't belong to Mensa, I need to be in another club/group like I need another hole in my head. I use triva games to exercise my mind. It is actually enjoyable for me. I don't get all the answers/questions correct, but I have a high percentage of being correct. Being wrong no longer bothers me.

2. I also, sometimes, do very dumb things. That bothers me much more than being wrong. I'll pay too much for something, I'll make the wrong decision, zigging when I should have been zagging, I'll say the wrong thing or (more likely) forget to say the right thing. I often forget not everybody can see or has thought about what I have seen or thought (and that some have seen and though about different things). I sold Apple stock at 50. Yeah, dumb things like that (although, my "in" price was 9, and I needed to buy my Honda Civic).

1. I drive a Macintosh Computer. I personally love it when people tell me about their computer problems (crashes, installing software that bombs out something completely unrelated, unexplained slowness, etc) and then I mention about how I use a mac and I never have those concerns/problems. Then I watch as those people who just trashed their computers get all defensive about their decision to buy that computer. It's funny.

So, there you are. Somethings a little too close for my liking, but cathartic for the soul.


Camille Alexa said...

I LOVE this line:

I come from small, worried-people stock.


Unknown said...

I forgot the Trivia games thing. I do the same thing, but usually end up feeling stupid.

Steve Buchheit said...

Kanrei, don't feel stupid. Some of the shows ask general questions that require an intense knowledge of "celebrities" and "pop culture." I never do well with those. And sometimes the questions are posed in intentionally difficult ways (which leads me to believe that the people writing the questions aren't all that bright about the subjects).

My current fav quiz show is "Cash Cab." There's just something about it that draws me in. I think the major draw is that the guy asking the questions is also driving the cab. That's very cool.

Camille, when people ask me my heritage, that's how I respond.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

I come from short, broad-hipped people with too much energy and mild OCD. Need to work on the farm or clean your house or squeeze out a baby in minutes flat? I'm your girl.

Unknown said...

I love Cash Cab. I get about 80% on that show. I know the day I would get the cab I would miss the first three, but I do great from home =D

Steve Buchheit said...

Kanrei, I think I'd say something like, "I just off the damn flight and I wanna go to the hotel."

Although, if you stick in the game, free cab ride! That's a prize right there.

Greeny, love that.

Anonymous said...

I've been addicted to "Jeopardy" since I was a kid. Not to brag, but I kick ass at that game. I have, however, resigned myself to the fact that in spite of a 20+ year career in the film business, I NEVER get any of the film related questions right. For some reason, I can only remember who won best actor until I go to bed the same night.


Steve Buchheit said...

Hey Nathan, I'm also a Jeopardy wonk. I never get the film stuff correct though, I don't watch enough of them, and I don't pay attention to the awards. My own cultural blind-spot.