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nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School Is Back In Session

For me, I sing that title to the tune of, "School's Out."

All the kiddies are back in school. The yellow buses clog streets that are seeing higher traffic. And the spam is back to clogging up my in box. And yes, these things are all related. Really, kids and school administrators, lock down your systems.

One nephew is starting college at my Alma Mater. We IMed a little on his first day. I hope he doesn't get caught in the traps college lays out for people. Another nephew is finishing undergrad this year and is planning on going to grad school (although we don't know where, I think he really wants to go to Columbia, good luck with that). Another newphew with graduate from HS this year. We're not sure what he'll do. College is the best guess. I have secondary bets on going crazy and leaving home (to hopefully go to the college he wants).

The nieces are still working their way through school. One I expect to see her sing this year. She's really great. The next on in line I think is starting Jr. High, so I expect some slight craziness, although she's been toughed up by her little sister. The last one we expect to hear she's causing more troubles. I really like my youngest niece. She needs more than she's getting. And she most certainly doesn't let boys (icky) push her around. :)

And this just in. My friend and sometimes commentor, Dan B. let's me know someone emailed a bomb threat in concerning a building at my Alma Mater. These kids are so dumb these days, you have to wait until at least midterms before pulling this stunt. This is not acceptable first week behavior.


Jim Wright said...

Emailed a bomb threat, seriously. Maybe they should raise admission standard. Heh, heh.

Oh yeah, oh yeah (Picture wright doing the Oh yeah dance). School's back in session. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Peace, quiet, time to myself. Hell I might actually get some writing done - if I can get out of the woodshop that is. If not, whatever, I'm retired, man. Oh yeah, oh yeah lalalalala

Jim Wright said...

Emailed a bomb threat, seriously. Maybe they should raise admission standard

Apparently I'm so retired that I don't even care about proper syntax. Oh yeah, oh yeah

Steve Buchheit said...

Well, Akron was always an open enrollment college (state university and all). But I did comment on that with Dan that I hope at least they ran the email though one anonymizer service. Or maybe they never heard of packet analysis? They will now.