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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Teh Stupidity Factor(tm)

Wow. Ever since now President Obama was declared President-Elect Obama, Teh Stupidity Factor(tm) has been a growth industry. Really. If it were a stock I'd have invested in it because, man, it's numbers are going through the roof.

Now, I tend to seethe on friends blogs (Janiece Murphy and her ongoing "'Tard of the Week/Month" posts, Jim Wright and his, well, almost most of his posts that don't concern military history or woodworking, Nathan whenever he's not talking about the movie business, Vince whenever he wants to, and even my friend S. Andrew Swann - although he comes from a different end of the political spectrum, and finally even my friend S.C. Butler asked recently "When did all republicans go nuts?"), and sometimes it overspills here.

And I try not to get involved in government issues that tend not to affect me or have a spill over effect (such as other states passing anti-evolution education bills), but with this one, Teh Stupidity Factor(tm) was so great, I had comment.

Missouri Congresswoman Cynthia Davis, who ironically is the the chairwoman of the Missouri House Special Standing Committee on Children and Families, wrote a recent newsletter to her constituents criticizing the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services' summer food program. This is the program that provides free or low-cost lunches to Missouri children. Among other stupidities, including the ever present "why don't they get a job" argument, wrote "Hunger can be a positive motivator."

One in five Missouri children are underfeed. Do I need to run through all the health problems and educational issues that being underfed cause?

And before I get to my comment, with full disclosure I qualified for these programs when I was in school, from when I was nine-years old. Now, I didn't go hungry often, but that extra help during the school year (at the time there was no summer program as there is now) helped my family greatly, even though it was immensely embarrassing and shameful for my little ego (at the time the program had separate meals and even a separate line for the lunch). With my brother and I getting subsidized lunches that helped us afford decent food for dinner. And I've been working since I've been twelve.

So, Congresswoman Davis, and I say this with all respect honoring your choice to step up and serve in government (if you're a new reader, I'm a councilman in my Village), although I believe state legislators even in Missouri make a decent salary, and knowing how hard it is to find places to cut spending to come in line with revenues (although the program is Federally Sponsored), with all that in mind, and I don't say this lightly, fuck you.


Nathan said...

Way to respectfully chastise the woman.


vince said...

I loved the Colbert Report on this last night (I had seen it before then) when he was so in agreement with her that he was telling everyone that if they see her eating, even in her home, they should take away her food so that her motivation will improve.

And I'll second Nathan's comment.

Rick said...

I'm still 80% Libertarian and 30% Socialist. Stories like these help me lean more towards 70/30!

Thanks for sharing this one, Steve.

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks, Nathan. When I get into High Snark Mode(tm) it tends to come out that way.

Vince, that' where I saw it first. I just couldn't believe it so had to do research online. It's not the worse thing she said.

Rick, I'm an old school republican, but it was the rise of the social conservatives (who, IMHO really aren't conservative and have motivations and aspirations that are contrary to those of the old Republican Party) and this brand of stupidity within the party that drove me out. Since then I've altered my stance on a great many things. I'm still a bootstrap pulling kind of guy, but now I realize not everybody has bootstraps to haul themselves up by.

Rick said...

You know what, Steve, that's a great observation. Libertarians are the same way. For some reason they can't see that guaranteeing individual freedoms doesn't have to me ignoring everyone else's problems and needs. People need food and medical care the same way they need roads a legal system. One of my old instructor's used to hammer us with "the only reason to look down on someone is to grab their hand and pull them up with you."