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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Those wacky heath insurance people

I feel Jay Lake's pain. Tell me again, Daddy, how the private insurance companies and that business model is better than a single payor?

Yeah, our insurance companies have tried this with us. They attempt to deny a claim, or shift the cost to the higher deductible by saying the doctor you went to is "Out of Network." Then only for us to reconfirm (because we checked up front) that they are in network and have them rebill. Which then delays their payment for another three months. Which once sent our bill into a collection agency, because everybody has "automatic billing software." Fortunately we got them to pull it back out of the collection agency and it was removed from our credit history. An apology? Seriously, you expected an apology? No, it must have been "a computer or data entry glitch, must have transposed a number which bumped it out."

Um, yeah. More than likely just trying to reduce their coverage. Because it is a "small part of the overall bill" and (here's the kicker) most people would just pay it themselves. They don't feel it's worth the hassle to fight it. We just happen to be people who feel a company, when contracted and paid in advance, should do the work they are contracted for and cover their obligations. Especially when there's a whole set of rules we have to abide by.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Obligations? From your company paid health insurance provider?

That's crazy talk! And Un-American! It's the kind of thing that will make the terrorists win! Just suck it up and pay it, so you aren't responsible for cutting the well-earned corporate salaries of the insurance companies!

Of all the nerve...

Dr. Phil

Steve Buchheit said...

It's just my Pinko-Commie tendencies coming out, Dr. Phil. I think it was Jimmy Tingle who once said (of Eastern Block States, oh wow, I just had another one of those "I'm an old man" moments), "We could give them Jazz and avante garde art, and they could give us universal health care and vacation time."