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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The More You know

Okay, so between doing all the extra stuff at home, I found Ghost Rider was on FX. I'd never seen it, although I thought it might be good. Good characters, good CGI potentiality, Nicolas Cage, motorcycles, all could make a good movie. I always wondered why it didn't last long in theaters.

Now I know.

Really, seriously. This could have been a good movie, you know except for the glaring pot holes that could swallow Kansas whole and not even burp. Hell, even the special effects could have made this a good movie. But they fail to do so. Okay, I admit I'm not paying that close of attention (doing, you know, the other things), but really. I mean, Nicolas Cage. WTF?

Sure, there's some good eye candy. But with the lines they delivered the acting had to be way over the top, and it wasn't. Lots of "actor stand still so we can do the cool CGI over you." Stupid plot, stupid plot solutions, deux ex machina dropping all over the place, stupid, stupid, stupid. Why go there and do that, oh, so we can do the cool CGI. Right.

To my nephew, if this could get green lighted, seriously dude, you don't have any problem.


Shawn Powers said...

Oh yeah, incredibly stupid movie. To a disturbing degree. It would have been cooler to watch the CG fire dude just stand in the middle of the screen for an hour and a half.


Steve Buchheit said...

Shawn, what little I watched I had the impression, "Oh, okay, it's going to fast and I'm just not paying attention." And then there was the Sam Waterson Character getting all flamey and riding up the big clamactic scene and saying, "Oh, hey, that was a cool shot, but I hear my mama calling and gotta go home." WTF? And then, the final scene involves a SW, built in the middle of the friggin desert, misison church which also has a big ass graveyard where all the stones have crosses. So our guy starts heading over there by himself, because Sam had to go home, and suddenly he's in a swamp with deep water all around. WTF? That's when I realized that I hadn't really missed anything because it didn't make sense anyway (including the GF walking through a police cordon and standing in front of them as they open fire and let loose with everything. WTF? And for a motorcycle movie, way to much standing around (on the bridge, on the top of the building, at the base of the building). WTF? Dude, you're on a motorcycle, ride the friggin' thing would ya,

Jarrett said...

I saw this in the discount theater with my wife. We paid $3 for both of us to see it. I didn't like it, and I can tell my brain has done a great job of not wasting any space remembering a single thing from this film. Not one of the details you mention is ringing any bells whatsoever.

Steve Buchheit said...

Jarrett, it's already fading from my mind.

Natalia Maldonado said...

Whenever I see movies this bad I think to myself that with the amount of people the process went through, didn't ANYONE stop to say: "Uh, guys? I don't think this is turning out quite as we expected."

Steve Buchheit said...

Natalia, there was much kool-aid involved I'm sure.