What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Linkages

Huhn, well it seems that according to a poll most doctors favor a "public option" (27% private insurance only, 63% private and public, 10% public-only) (full transcript). The basic gist is, yes Medicare is a pain, but it's a better pain than the private insurance companies (even with their "less paperwork"), and it would be better to have everybody covered, even if that meant lower payouts, than to continue the "charity" functions. Also, interestingly the AMA only represents a third of American doctors (and that's inflated because they count all students, interns and residents automatically).

And since we're talking about polls, here's the Gallup breakdown of the President's approval ratings by demographics. Some interesting things in there. I've been looking at the Gallup site a lot lately. They have many interesting data to check out. Including consumer spending and most important problems by ranking.

Amish Romances Which is really funny, because the Amish have a thing for Westerns and Louis L'Amour. So, you know, my Amish fringed ex-urban fantasies ought to be selling damn well by now. Oh well. The money shot; "'I live the Amish life -- I don't need to read about it,' said Mrs. Smoker." And again, the canard "Old Order Amish shun modern technologies such as electricity and TV, forbid members to own cars and computers." Okay, well Old Order are more conservative, and the major community of them in Ohio live around Salt Creek. Which is also where the largest installed base of solar electricity is. What the article author really meant to say is that Old Order shun technologies that distract the members from the community. Electricity from a wire from Perry Nuclear Power Plant, with a monthly bill to First Energy is unacceptable because your focus is not on the community. Electricity from a wire that goes to your roof (or field) is acceptable. Cell phone service that is local (bills and service is local) is acceptable. Verizon is not. Long distance calls are questionable (although acceptable for business).

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