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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rejection Writerly Linkee-poo

Electric Velocipede sends word they're passing on "Prince Wanted." John Klima says it's not quite what he's looking for right now. Fair cop. So we start the week off right by knocking the ego back down to human proportions. Also a part of the letter he states that they aren't providing detailed feedback on the rejections now. Again, fair cop. Finding another suitable market will have to wait for a bit. Probably until I get back form VP.

Jim Hines is running a caption contest with a great photo (and he mentions me).

Here's an interesting historical account of the modern publishing world. It's only four paragraphs and concerns the rise of the Publishing Agent.

Steven Brust's words of wisdom continue over at Words Words Words.
“Never gamble for more money than the guy with the gun can afford to lose.”
– Billy-Bob Gautama

True that.

OT Links

Hey, look, real actual (possible) vote fraud. Well, I guess if you beat enough bushes eventually a bird will drop out somewhere. Although, and you'll have to read the whole article because the end of it is interesting, it also helps if you prime the bushes with not just bird seed, but the birds themselves.

More evidence that a significant minority (one hopes it's only a minority) of the right have gone the route of the whackaloon. This is about a speaker at the "Take Back America Conference" which wasn't exactly a fringe event, having Mike Huckabee, who won a recent straw poll for president in 2012 (Value Voters Conference), Michele Bachmann (okay, well, I see your point but the party hasn't actually disavowed her) and Steve King of Iowa, again making the comparison between today's America and Nazi Germany. I think Doonesbury put it best. Also, here's a bit of family history. In my extended family tree I have a great uncle (by marriage) whose brothers were SS (he had left Germany before the war). I have two great uncles (now passed, RIP) who were prisoners of war in Germany and because of their last name (Grosenbaugh) were deemed "of questionable heritage." The family of my maternal grandfather remaining in the old world fled the Nazi's advance into the Alsace region literally ripping the photos of their silver-works from the walls of the shop as they fled (I now possess those photos, my uncle has the signet ring). We're pretty sure the majority of their work was melted down by the Nazis. I personally knew two men who were involved in the German assault on Stalingrad (one became a US Army Major after being a German then Russian officer, the other was conscripted by the Nazis as they marched through Hungary). I've known people who escaped the Nazis through Switzerland (also those who escaped Soviet dominion the same way). And I know several families whose members are listed on "In Rememberence" bulletins for Yom Kippur. So, yes, I know real life Nazis (or those that worked for the Reich) and people who dealt with them and suffered under their rule (and then the retribution of the Soviet Union). I personally think it's a part of the jealousy of the Greatest Generation. Certain individuals feel they missed out and want to grab some of that glory for themselves. What I personally think is just hilarious is that there are actual, real, American Nazis. If you're interested in knowing more about them google "stormfront" (no, I'm not providing you a link - we're all full up on crazy here this week, I don't need to add to it). I think it's safe to say that Obama isn't their champion.

Here's an interesting Gallup poll on Town Hall Meetings. The breakdown by party affiliation is interesting, especially the breakout of Question 6 ("Americans are more likely to say angry attacks against a healthcare bill are "democracy in action" rather than an "abuse of democracy." Booing members of Congress and shouting down opponents are more likely to be seen as abuses of democracy.")


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Electric Velocipede must've just gone through a pile of slush -- my sub got the heave-ho, too. That particular story will probably go on to Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, which likes odd, clever stories. Whether they like MY odd, clever story is the usual crap shoot. (grin)

Dr. Phil

Steve Buchheit said...

Dr. Phil, a, misery loves company. :)

Okay, you've called dibs on LCRW, which means I have to find something else first (just kidding).