What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Linkee-poo is getting ready for the weekend

One point three million signatures to put SB5 on the ballot. And they only needed 250,000. The most of any ballot initiative in the state, ever. Than you, Ohioans.

Cry havoc! and let slip the clowns of war. The Colbert Super PAC gets the green light. Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow.

LEGO Barad-dûr. KEWL! Including the Nazgul. Wow, makes my childhood starships look like the amateur creations they were. (Pointed to by Dan)

Chuck Wendig on more writing myths that need to die. I'm not in complete agreement with all he has in there, but it's another viewpoint. And yes, writing is not harvesting smiling bunnies and farting unicorns. And while I know there is that part of the subconscious that does a lot of heavy lifting, it sounds a whole lot better to talk about the Muse.

Eric on The Beatles and taxes. Hmm, I think I just made a new saying there. There's nothing more certain in life than the Beatles and taxes.

Darrel Issa, the bulldog of the conservative House, the person who stated they would flood the "corrupt" Obama administration with subpoenas to stop them from doing any work, may have his own troubles concerning his action against the SEC while they were investigating Goldman Sachs while he was buying top level Goldman Sach's shares. Yeah. If that isn't at the very least an ethics violation, I don't know what is. Frankly, if the reality of it is close to what is presented in that article, it may be criminal corruption. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

An article on the new found skepticism on climate change in GOP circles. That last paragraph can be summed up with, "because of the Tea Party, the GOP presidential candidates must lie and obfuscate their positions to actually have a chance of winning office." Thanks again, TP.

Looks like we might get an out of town preview of what our nation will look like come this August unless MN politicians can finally realize a compromise.

Ah, and trust our American Corporations to come to our aid in the time of fiscal crisis. Not.

And it seems like people of all political stripes and positions just can't control themselves. Welcome to the coarsening of discourse.

And then, fresh off his gaff in front of a company when he said the Obama Administration (the NLRB) was going to lose the company jobs, only to have the leaders of the company come out and say, "not so much," Mitt Romney's campaign did the smart thing and set up his next plant visit to a shuttered factory. Nobody can refute his talking points there! Seriously, if that isn't a metaphor for the conservative economic plan (shouting into the void, because reality refutes their arguments) I don't know what is. Only then to have the former governor of the state come out with, "'The fact that they closed had nothing to do with president's policies… In May our unemployment rate was 7.4%, 1.7% better than the national average of 9.1% and the lowest of any large industrial state,' (Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D)) said. 'That wasn't an accident, it came from investments.'" Ah, investments. Sorta like stimuluses, but really the same thing.

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