What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Linkee-poo says you dropped a bomb on me

Okay, here's the part where the Klingon tap dances. A duet with a Klingon, brought to us by Vince.

Hey, remember the sub-argument in Obamacare (I'm debating using that term for marketing purposes in the next election) about how some people are locked into jobs because of heath care insurance? I think I gave a few examples of that from my own friends (and how it affected my life). Well, here's another. I know that wasn't the purpose of Jim Hine's epic whine, but it is a major crux of what he's whining about.

Eric has hit the blogging wall and has begun the "ask me questions" death spiral. Okay, well, his feet hurt. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. Feet hurting = Game Over. Seriously, Eric is a smart guy. Go ask him something. I've got nothing, but then my feet hurt too.

And blog post by a doctor ranting about why most men don't seek medical attention until they are forced to do so (often resulting in either major medical intervention or death). (Grokked from Kelly Swails)

Depleetable willpower (what I typically refer to as "Brain Space") and the poor. Very interesting article that touches on a lot of social context, social privilege and economic justice. "… if you have enough money, deciding whether to buy the soap (in an experiment) only requires considering whether you want it, not what you might have to give up to get it. Many of the tradeoff decisions that the poor have to make every day are onerous and depressing: whether to pay rent or buy food; to buy medicine or winter clothes; to pay for school materials or loan money to a relative." Yes. That. This is one of the reasons I talk about when I say the playing field is not level. It's part of the reason I'm a liberal these days (I wasn't always one). See also John Scalzi's "Being Poor" blogpost. And if you think they're lying, please see my previous posts where I go on about spending money on products. For what most people would find no-brainers, I agonize. Sometimes for days. Often for what are considered "trivial" amounts, or "very good deals." (Grokked from Jay Lake)

The Wisconsin recalls just gets sillier and sillier. See, this is the mind set of conservatives, "It's all right if we do it, but a crime when you do it" made plain to see. Senate Leader Fitzgerald said, "Recalling senators for taking a tough vote is just wrong." Really? No, that's the process, dude. They did something their constituency feels is worthy of them saying, "Um, let's retry that election." And now we have former GOP Party Leaders and long time activists changing their party affiliation to run as Democrats to force another special election. Say, remember when the conservatives were bemoaning just how much the state was in debt? Know how much money it costs to run an extra special election?

Of relation to yesterday's "We're a Christian Nation" post, the Louisiana House of Representatives gets a case of the stupids by approving a 10 Commandments Monument on capital grounds. Do we need to do this? Again? "Our laws are based on the Ten Commandments (said Rep Patrick Williams - D). In fact, without them, a lot of our laws would not exist." How do I say this nicely? Bullshit. That's about as nice as I can get. So, Rep Williams, which Commandment sets up 3 branches of government, each holding equal power, with a bi-cameral legislature? I forget. As I'm sure you forget just what the 10 Commandments say.

And since we're talking about the ethical problems of party bulldogs, how about serving on a board for a hospital that has multiple judgement and investigations into medicare/medicaid fraud while being a conservative champion. Oh, this election season will be particularly nasty. I might have to upgrade from hip-waders to chest-waders. Maybe ad a respirator.

Let the hoisting on their own petards begin. When I heard Rand Paul's idiotic quote on subversive speech, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone did the foot work. Also, notice how while the Tea Party, and all the anger they represent, like to give the impression it has nothing to do with Obama, just his policies, they seem awfully focused on just the man himself.

Tim Pawlenty speaking out of his arse when it comes to economics? Why, that's just unbelievable. I mean, he keeps touting the conservative line about how lower taxes and regulations would just be a huge boon to the American economy (you know, despite all historical evidence to the contrary). What could be wrong with that?

And, a round up of some recent past sexual scandals of politicians. The big difference in my mind between who should be forced out and who should just be ashamed of themselves is that those that go on the campaign trail and stump for family values, the sanctity of marriage, and against homosexuals only to be caught in embarrassing situations that involve their pet social issues should be driven out. It's the same for those who rail against economic policies that they believe are socialist or driving our country to ruin, but are first in line to get that government cheese (or, in the case of politicians, crowing about how much pork they brought home).


Eric said...

"Death spiral"? But I'm getting better! I feel fine! I don't want to go on the cart! I think I'll go for a walk!

I feel happy! I feel happy!

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Eric, you're not foolin' anyone.

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