No doorways, no windows, no walls
No shelter here on the ground
No standing and no safe place to fall
Just the promise of this distant sound
Bells are ringing all over the world

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner goes flaccid

There you are, News. You have your headline; little good may it do you. Now report, damn you!


Eric said...

He's seemed a bit dysfunctional for awhile now. Maybe there's something in his junk mail folder to pick him up, stiffen his resolve, help him stand up straight again? At any rate, he may seem limp now, but with the proper attention and a little stroking, I'm sure his resolve will be firmed up and he'll be back in the box!

Steve Buchheit said...

See, I was going to go for he was a hard case to crack, but now he seems to have gone soft. A priapism who is now a pariah. His firm resolve has withered in the cold winds of reality.