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No shelter here on the ground
No standing and no safe place to fall
Just the promise of this distant sound
Bells are ringing all over the world

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Open Letter Regarding the Festivities Tonight

So tonight we're interviewing internal candidates to replace our police chief. Our current chief, seeing the movement in the state by the new conservative government, has decided enough is enough (and, while I don't know for sure, I'm pretty sure he is conservative in his politics). He has over 30 years of time in and before they cut his retirement benefits again he's getting what he can now (all the discussions are always tinged with "for current retiree's nothing will change…").

Thanks, SB5, for so much of this fun. I can't wait to see you go down in flames.

As with every hiring process, it brings out the worst in people. As chairman, I've been getting lobbied a lot. Really people, I appreciate your input, but can you be a little more subtle about it? I appreciate politics as much as the next person, but I'm also a craftsman. Show me how good you can be. I'm tired of ducking 2x4s.

Which brings me to the anonymous letter I received yesterday. Yes. An anonymous snail mail letter. The letter warned me away from hiring anyone internal, even called out one applicant by name.

And here's the part I love. Of course the person who wrote this felt they could only send an anonymous letter so as to keep reprisals from themselves, their family, and their neighbors.

I've heard this crap one too many times. I've investigated this one too many times. You all are full of bullshit. We have a professional police force. If you believe you've been the subject of a reprisal by our police, report it to the sheriff if you don't want to bring it up to the chief. The sheriff and the village don't have any love for each other at the moment, so if you're worried that you'll be singled out, the sheriff would be only to happy to bring something against us.

But you won't. Because there are no reprisals. Because you have no evidence. Because you're attempting to create a false impression of our police force. Because you're so stuck in the past when we did have a chief who wasn't professional you can't recognize that things have changed.

But then, you also expect this to happen because this is how you operate. Yes, I'm fairly certain I know who penned the letter. Just how stupid do you think I am? You're attempting to use anonymity to diffuse any counter argument because you know your position can't stand even the simplest rebuttal or scrutiny.

I'm sorry this is no longer a place you recognize and you can't adjust. I'm not sorry for me, I'm sorry for you. We no longer can run the village the way it was in "back in the day" so please stop telling me about it. I'm sorry you can't run afoul of the law and then have it "fixed" anymore or skate by. We have grown. We have a professional police force now. I won't let you drag us back just because you can't behave or want to act the way you think you're entitled to.

And here's just a little advice. I don't take seriously anyone who won't be recognized. If you want me to to keep your identity confidential, I'm cool with that. Just tell me up front. However, you've cut the effectiveness of your argument by 50% right off the bat. Attempting to remain completely anonymous for no other reason than to lob grenades and you now lose 100% of your credibility. Also, bring me evidence. No more hearsay or rumors. You want to make a charge, make it in writing and sign your name. Without that, don't waste me time. I say this because you obviously don't have the courage of your convictions, and I mean that at the lowest level of acceptance.

Oh, and your main charge is dead wrong. They all have the experience to be chief. I know this through their resumes and by talking with people who actually know them and their work. So, you fail there.

Until you're able to stand up and give me real evidence and argument, I'm discounting your advice. And until you feel that it's enough of a problem that you need to do something yourself, it isn't a problem. Stop wasting my time.

Suck it up little camper.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Well said. The refuge of the anonymous letter writer is sometimes a dark and dank place which is better left under the rock it lives. (grin)

Dr. Phil

Steve Buchheit said...

Yes. Unfortunately the letter came up during the meeting. I did make my statement and, fortunately for me, I got a lot of agreement from the rest of my committee members.