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Monday, August 3, 2009

Question about Feedburner and Mini Rant

Because my techno-fu fails me, has anybody used FeedBurner (now a part of Google)? I was thinking of managing my feeds through it and got halfway done when the copy I read sounded like if you use Feedburner, it chops off all the other feeds (RSS and Atom). Anybody know how it works? I know a lot of you read me through RSS feeds, I'd like to get better tools on that side of the blogging.

And then, just because I've always been accused of being an apologist for Apple products, my slight rant. Why, Apple, did you have to go screwing around with the menus for iTunes? I mean, seriously, why? Why is the import options function now hidden in a sub-dialog box when I used to be able to set it from one of the preference panels? Stupid. Some of us to change our settings depending on what we're importing, you know. This change makes it really damn hard to do that.


Jarrett said...

I use bloglines as my RSS feed. I like it a lot. Easy to add and delete blogs. Simple layout with a nice sized reading window. Works for me.

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks Jarrett. I'll have to check that out.