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Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, August 17, 2009

The small business roundtable of dumb small business people

So, I'm flipping channels, and I come across Glen Bleck doing a small business thing. Besides other inanities he and his panel are spouting, including that the democrats are sticking it to "the evil small businessman" (this is what's known as putting words in people's mouths), they just did a thing on how the CEOs of GM (and yes, they specifically named GM) or Wall Street can pick up the phone and get their congressman or senator to jump for them. Really? How did that work out for former GM CEO Rick Wagoner? Considering Beck did a whole rant on how that was so horrible that Obama had the man "fired."

But the other thing they said about this was that congressman and senators only listen to the "special interests" and lobbyists and that small businesses can't afford to have lobbyists or special interests.

Well, Glen, your guests and commentators are just as dumb as you are. For your edification:
NFIB - National Federation of Independent Businesses.
NSBA - National Small Businesses Association.
US Chamber of Commerce.
US Women's Chamber of Commerce.
National Association of Socially Responsible Organizations.

See, something for everybody. And I'm sure I'm missing some hundred other lobbying groups that specifically focus on small business issues (but frankly, it's dinner time and I didn't want to do some general googling to find more).

Oh, and if I can get time with my congressman or senator (having just written all of them about health care and gotten responses back from all except Senator Voinovich (r)) so can your small business people.

So, Glen, choice time. Are you and your commentators and guests just stupid and don't know the first thing about what they're spouting off about, or are you intentionally lying? I'm going to be generous and say you're just stupid.


Rick said...

I try not to listen to ranters such as Glenn Beck from either the left or the right because it really is all about bringing attention to themselves. In fact, the number of ranters and politically divisive people who rage on from both sides is increasing so rapidly that the only good news is that soon we will run out of electrons to broadcast, podcast, and provide internet forums to them all. We will then run out of platforms for self-important lecturers, which may not be a bad thing.

Steve Buchheit said...

Rick, same here, but as I flipped past FOX it was the break in his usual "from the desk" format that stopped me.

Then I occasionally had to flip back to see if they were still just as dumb (yep, they were). It was before dinner and I hadn't sat down to the evening's work yet. When I do that I tend not to notice them.