What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot time, summer in the not-so-much city

Okay, who ordered up the heat? And it's not really the temperature, it's the 90% humidity. So today was the second day this summer the AC is on, not a bad ratio, but something is way wrong. Although today's predicted high temperature will be near the record.

So you know, of course I had to do something outside today. Yep. I built the long awaited step up to the rain barrels. It took about two hours, most of which was hauling tools out and then putting them away. And then there was the hard part. See, because I'm insane, I wanted the step blocks to be level with the platform blocks, and that took a bit of doing. Word to the wise, when doing stone work plan the whole thing out and create your foundation at the same time.

And you know it's insane to be working outside when after two hours of work you look like you went swimming in your clothes. So instead of doing some other things outside, I came inside. Now handling some paperwork and wanting to get back to the Novel. I want to change the end of Chapter 17, I think moving up an action made the two other things that needed to get done that much harder to fit in the time frame without giving people a "WTF? Why did they do that" experience. You know like the teenagers in their underwear deciding to split up and check out the weird sounds they're hearing.

I should fix the hole in the wall the plumber left (yes, he had to do it to get to the pipe, and he agrees with my assessment, "Just WTF were they thinking putting the outdoor faucet where they did, that's just asking for problems?"). No, to move it would have been way too expensive and for not that much benefit (in fact it would create more problems now, wouldn't have if it originally was placed where both the plumber and I agreed it should have).

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