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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Confusion in Pictures

For those of you who say, "photos, or it didn't happen," Tobias has some good ones with me. Yes, I sat between John Scalzi and Pat Rothfuss, then next to Paul Melko and you didn't. I also got to hang with Jim Hines, including being on that PC panel he talked about (yes, that was a rocking' good time, much better than what I had thought it would be, learned a lot of Paolo Bacigalupi on how to handle such a panel). John Scalzi discusses it a little. Finally got to meet a bunch of people in the flesh (waves at Christine Purcell). I sat across from Cherie Priest, although I didn't have much to offer the conversation (actually met her first in the elevator as I was getting off, one of those moments of "shake hands quickly before they're caught in the closing doors). And had a small chance to catch up with some friends (who also happen to be excellent writers themselves). A weekend was way to short of time to spend as much time as I wanted with everybody.

No, they're perfectly in focus, everybody was a blur that evening. While I didn't get to sit with the Mer Gaggle (aka Kletcha Club) early in the evening, I still managed to have fun time until all these other people got out of my way and I could get closer. If it's my one regret of the weekend is that there weren't nearly enough hours in the day, and my attempts to clone myself were unsuccessful. Like I got to say hi to Dr. Phil, and then was on a panel with him, but never had a sit down talk this year. I need one of those Time Twirler-ee things from Prisoner of Azkaban.

I could name drop all the day long and still not mention everybody (Dosell, Catherine, Amity, Yanni, Christian, Deb, Stewart, Charles, Emily, Jim, Ed, Larry and the brothers Darrell...) . And I'd probably forget a few, which would only be because my brain doesn't focus that way, not because those people are forgettable. So I won't try.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Looks like Tobias and Paolo are having a staring contest. (grin)

Yes, I'd hoped we have some time to sit and talk, but 6 panels and a reading in one ConFusion had me running around alot -- and I'm not running right now with my compressed nerve issue. (double-grin) To say nothing of the "non-existent bar issue" making it hard to gather.

But... Jim Hines is Toastmaster and Patrick Rothfuss is GoH for ConFusion 2012 -- you bet I'll be there.

Dr. Phil

Christine Purcell said...

*waves back* You managed to get my hand wrapped around a gin and tonic in the last shot. I was horrible about taking pictues. Now at least there's some evidence I was there. It was great to meet you in person!

Steve Buchheit said...

Dr. Phil, well, they were pretty deep into their conversation. I also found that the number of panels kept me out of bar-con during the day.

And I heard about Jim and Patrick after I left. Very cool.

Christine, good to meet you as well. I was also horrible about taking photos. These were pretty much it.