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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Notes on the Job Thing

So, I've never gone through and closed out my accounts with the various job search sites. Consider it just market research. While normally the auto emailed job listing never actually had any jobs in my field (related, but not really design jobs) while I was looking, I now see a few.

Dear employer,
When your job description reads...
...needs talented pro ready to work in a dynamic creative environment. Must be proficient with computers, posses top-caliber design skills, thorough knowledge of print production and the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Must be well-organized and comfortable working with tight deadlines...

it makes me think that you don't know WTF you're doing. Every design job can read exactly the same. It's two decades since the desktop revolution. If you're not proficient with computers, you haven't worked in this industry for 15 years. Everybody is looking to top-notch design skills. Who looks for sloppy designers? The "thorough knowledge of print production" is about the only thing that tells me what this job actually entails. And, again, if you're a designer and don't know ink on paper, try greeting al Wal-Mart. This statement is like the McDonald's people asking if you want fries with that. Finally, must be able to work on multiple projects, well-organized, and meet tight deadlines, what design job doesn't require these things? No, seriously, where do these people work that these aren't the bare minimum qualifications?

And then there's the new links showing up for placement agencies. "Tired of applying to jobs? Let a professional do it for you." Unfortunately the majority of these employee pre-paid schemes. Just as a hint, most of the reputable services are either employer paid, or paid after you get your first paycheck.

Plus, with all the "discouraged workers" out there, I've always wondered just what they're doing? How do they live, pay bills, make mortgage/rent, etc? It just makes me wonder.

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