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Singing songs and carrying signs
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Drilled too deep

Dear Senator Lamar Alexander,

Regarding your statement to the press,
"What we know about this individual, for example, is that he was reading Karl Marx, and reading Hitler, and burning the American flag," Alexander said. "That's not the profile of a typical tea party member if that's the inference that's being made."

Taken from here.

It also doesn't fit the profile of your typical liberal or "lefty" either, if that's the inference your making. Which I think you're trying to do. Considering the Right and the Tea Party claim to be experts on both Socialism, Communism and Nazi-ism, I would think that they would have studied those seminal documents of the movements to know just what they're talking about. You know, as long as your weren't pulling rabbits out of your nether-regions and using terms that you have no idea what they mean. So, I would think that Tea Party members who spout drivel such as the "president's socialist ideas" would have read such works. Or I'm left to conclude that you're just idiots and bullies. You wouldn't want me to make that inference, would you?

Dear Mark Mekler,

If you want to say that you find it appalling that anyone would tie the shootings to the hightened rhetoric of your movement, or the glorification of firearms and violence and the attendant language that also flows from your movement, I can understand. Even to say you "condemn such linkages," I can understand you're argument. However, to say sinks to the level of evil and also call those who say it "scumbags," well, sir, it just let's me know you don't know WTF you're doing. And you're a lawyer? I've known and worked with plenty of lawyers, some of them on the opposite side of the table in contentious issues, and none of them publicly use such idiotic and inflammatory terms. Seriously, are you really conscious of what is coming out of your mouth or of your actions? Because it doesn't appear that you are. You're calling not only the local sheriff, but national figures like the FBI's Robert Mueller that. Do you really want that?

With all do respect, please crawl back to your play pen and let the adults handle the conversation.

To both of you, please make it harder for those of us on the left to find examples of your extreme ignorance and hate. Right now it's all to easy. And in case you're missing it, we're not tying this person to you, but we are saying that the level of discourse and imagery that you and yours have brought to the table is creating the atmosphere that such things become easier to reach. I know you probably don't understand that, because to do so means you need to go beyond yourself and think of others and how you're affecting them.

If this was a blog flame war, I'd use the rhetorical trick of, "So, hit a nerve did we?"

Not yours, truly,

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