What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, January 7, 2011

Linkee-poo is considering a political 12-step program

I keep trying to find other things to write about, I do. At least the first one isn't political

It seems bad design isn't just related to print materials. If you're designing for humans to interface with your application, you might want to read the f#$%ing human interface guidelines. Seriously. A lot of work went into those guidelines, and it's not like they charge extra for it. (sent by Dan)

What happens when you let the public drive your intelligence/police work. So while technically he was arrested for failing to cooperate fully with the flight attendants, it was over a frickin' bagel. Some of my conservative friends like to bewail the new FCC regulation of "Net Neutrality" and yet when we allowed pilots to carry firearms and made it illegal to not comply with a flight attendant, nary a peep. The guy may have even gotten obstreperous, but 1) no questioning of the source (an untrained source) and 2) it's a frickin' bagel. What, we didn't like he violated our good sense by not bringing a box of Krispy Kremes instead? (also sent by Dan) Or, you know, you could go all ballistic over some signs that encourage you to snitch on your neighbors.

Because, you know, those of us progressives just don't listen to the other side. Instead, we invite them to speak against the law we're signing into effect. You know, instead of making them stand in a "Free Speech Zone" three blocks away and behind a parking deck.

So much for actual openness. Then again, he is using the work differently than you or I do. He's talking about "amendments" as "openness" equating an "open process" to an "open bill." I wonder when he'll backtrack on the 3 day reading period where everything is open to the public. Oh, wait, he hasn't even put that in place yet (and in all the other hoopla, he hasn't mentioned it at all after winning the majority). Good thing we still have the Thomas tool from the Library of Congress. Like we did before. And, Eric says it better than I do, anyway.

But, hey, you know there's always those Freudian slips. I know. Big words, they're so confusing sometimes.

The other day I mentioned the #2 reason why I dropped my Republican affiliation. Here's an example of reason #1. The "social conservatives" are running the show now. I understand how many people who are gay are also conservatives. I mean, it's a good line and all. But someday they'll have to come to grips with the fact that the Republican Party left those values they hold dear a long time ago and instead went about courting the social conservative vote (who were people who also didn't get involved in politics before, sound familiar?) during the Reagan era and missed that the looneys took the ship over and no longer really care about conservative issues if there's a conflict with their social conservative views.

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