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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, July 29, 2011

Linkee-poo aso has trouble with his own majority

Connected more than somewhat to yesterday's link about writer's being rock stars, a tale of two terrorists and the macho politics of "rugged individualism" (our US concept of this). (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Interview with Batgirl at SDCC. Why does it seem like privilege is continuing to be cemented into place after decade of jack hammering at the edges?

Congressman Joe Walsh, non-payor extraordinary. This is a little personal for me, being the child of divorce where my Mom is owed around $45,000 in back child support and alimony. So you may think I'm a little harsh when I read, "Walsh's ex-wife Laura Walsh asked a judge to suspend Walsh's driver's license until he paid his child support… In response, Walsh asks his ex-wife's lawyer: 'Have you no decency?'" and respond with, "Really? Fucking pay what you owe her." Want "no decency"? Be glad you're in Illinois. In Ohio she could send you to jail (very hard, but has been done - also, one of the reasons conservative elements are attempting to change the divorce laws here and nationwide). Listen, buck up and be a mensch. It's called "responsibility." (redacted some statements that were personal attacks)

On the "Centrist" debate. Also a little on what you will hear soon (mostly from your conservative friends and bloggers), "both sides are to blame, nobody can get anything done." Well, no, one side went over 80% toward the other and then got shut out. "Bruce Bartlett, who served as a policy analyst in the Reagan administration, argues that Mr. Obama is in practice a moderate conservative." Yes, that. Also, Juan Cole with more of the history here. "The reason that the Republicans deliberately destroyed the balanced budget and created unprecedented government debt was precisely in hopes that at some point they could use the debt as an excuse to destroy social security, medicare, and myriads of educational and health programs." Many of us were making this point in 2005. Grover Norquist in all his finest (what, didn't you know what it meant to drag the government to the bathtub and drown it). (Grokked from Jay Lake)

And (the) Pontius Pilate(s) wash their hands of the matter. Still was him who sent Jesus to the Cross.

"That is, if I may say, some of the most free-range, organically grown, disingenous, ideologically marinated, un-self-awareness I've ever seen in the wild." Jon Stewart on the victimization card. I think I've made similar comments before. (another link in case that one isn't working)

Also related, in case you're still laboring under the delusion that Fox News is the only news persecuted for their views. Before you say, "It's just turn about," remember Dan Rather and few other "lefty" news people who were driven from their posts.

Frequently forgotten facts of the debt debate. In other words, it's called "moving the goal posts" when, in fact, you aren't playing an honest game to begin with.

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