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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Linkee-poo grows tired of tired rhetoric

Some more on the lightbulb change. What's skipped over quickly in the article, is that there are incandescent bulbs that meet the new standard (typically halogen filled, but there are other ways). I should probably do a long post about this sometime.

"Indeed, fusion research facilities more modern than anything in the United States are either under construction or operating in China, Germany, Japan and South Korea... What has been lacking in the United States is the political and economic will." Again, American Exceptionalism looks like a relic of the past. Dear Conservative America, we're becoming a buggy whip nation because of your social ideals (no government spending - ever, science denialism, and a continual lack of reference when you shout, "We're #1 and anybody who says otherwise just hates Amurica"). (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Everybody is dungeon bound. As Dan says (who pointed this music video out) "How come we never had any cool goth-chicks playing D&D with us?" Kids these days, they don't know how good they have it.

Dave Klecha points us to this declassified report on Trust and Cultural Incompatibility between ISAF (our international mission in Afghanistan) and ANSF (Afghani police and military). Mostly because we don't understand them and (for at least some of the part) don't want to. (it's long, and I haven't read it all, yet, but it's compelling). Also, I should mention here that I don't completely trust Michael Yon. However, he's done great work in the past, and I used to read him regularly. He made several dramatic claims during the Iraqi Surge, arguing for the cause of war, that never did pan out.

And the shenanigans keep coming in the WI recall elections. (Pointed to by Dan)

For the Reagan and Thatcher fetishist in all of us. Reality, it's a bitch.

And regarding the current tax vis a vis debt talks, there's a bunch o' bull being spread around. The first is, the rich are already taxed enough. Well, not everybody feels the same. (also see comment yesterday on top 10% pay 70% of taxes yet control 90% of wealth)

Then there's the homily of "Americans live within their means, their government should do the same." Really? While it's down, the average credit card debit is still around $4,200 (not including store card debt - depending on who's numbers you use, it could be as high at $8,300 with store credit). In 2009, we (collectively) owed $14.3 trillion in mortgage debt (of all kinds). With approximately 310 million people, that gives us an average of $46,000. So, without adding cars, equity, personal, or any other debt that gives us an average of about $50,000 (rounded) per person of personal debt. The average national wage in 2009 was $40,711. While individuals vary, does that sound like we're a culture that lives within their means? (and, because I was following trails, apparently $75,000 income is our magic number for happiness, how many of you make that?)

Speaker Boehner said that "we shouldn't raise taxes on job creators" (ie, the rich). Really? Dear Job Creators, if that's you're real duty, you're falling down on the job, better get to it. (Let us not talk about the implied threat in his statement)

It always amazes me that people just don't know how they benefit from government programs. Especially those people who believe we should end all programs. Mostly they don't know just WTF they're talking about. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Dear Senator Hatch, nice try, but you're still a dick. Also notice how all those people got to pay no taxes in just the last two years. Really, I think it started in Reagan and hit you're 50% figure in the GW Bush administration. Unless you want to make the argument of Pres. Obama, Tax Cutter Extraordinary. See, your implied argument of "Obama is making people poorer" just doesn't work on the face of it. (Let us not talk about his statistical mixing from who doesn't pay taxes to who would be effected in other programs and whom qualifies as poor/not paying taxes)

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Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

It's one thing to campaign for -- or against someone. But I am sick and tired of organizations trying to get people NOT to vote by lying to them and confusing them. This should be a felony. And the robocallers should be fined for every call they make. This is a democracy, dammit.

Dr. Phil

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