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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Now is the Summer of Insanity

The day thing has just gone insane. It seems like one of those wave things happens and too many people need too much stuff for which they waited way too long to get in the pipeline. I have two major projects of which I can't get to work on because of all the other last minute work.

Dear people, waiting until the last minute will not get you bumped up in the queue, nor will it lead to an automatic, "yeah, whatever you want to do" response. What it will lead to is your not getting your work done properly or on time.

Say, have I mentioned I'm the only designer for a $0.5 billion dollar company? Yeah. I work like two to three designers tied together in symbiotic siamese twin designer tour de force. But that's still not enough.

So, tomorrow I jump back into the shark pool again. Because that's the way I'm built.


Nathan said...

So, you've got all those extra arms? Do you have an elephant head too?

(I know that wasn't what you were going for here, but I couldn't help myself. Please don't hit me.)

Steve Buchheit said...

Why would I hit you for comparing me to Ganesha, Lord of Success and Luck. That's a great thing.

Unless, you know, it was a crack about being fat. And then, pal, you're mine.

Steve Buchheit said...

Forgot to mention that Ganesha carries the blade with cuts through illusion to get to the truth (and exposes the false masks people wear). I sorta, kinda try and do that myself.

Fabutronic Sheila said...

Last minute jobs, as if design is an afterthought?

That's just wrong.

Steve Buchheit said...

Part of it is that they don't value what I do, at least not fully. Part of it is passive-aggressiveness because of new central control of branding. Part of it is an attempt to make us look bad. Part of it is because we are sorely understaffed in many areas and the designer is always the second to last person to be shat upon (the printer is the last). Part of it is that they want what they want (both resistance to change, and part "we used to do this and it was okay, why isn't it okay now?") and don't want us to change it.

But a lot of it is because there should be three of us doing the work.