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Friday, July 22, 2011

The summer of our discontent

Some of you know that I'm taking a class this summer, and may be disappointed that I haven't posted any grades or progress reports yet. Well, that's because my grade is all subjective. For our assignments so far (short answer quizzes of 1 question each, make notes on article copy, and report on the movie, "As Good As It Gets") all I have are Check+s and "Excellent." No numbers. So, how am I doing? I have no real clue. This is only a small issue I have with this class. I have other, bigger issues. But only 2 more weeks and I can put it in the "done" column.

Some of my bigger issues? Well, where shall I begin? We'll start with the, "I don't want to teach, today" comments followed by, "we can leave now, and just pretend we had a long class." Really? No, I fucking paid for this class, get your fanny to work.

Then we'll go to the two major projects we have, which each time she describes them she keeps adding extra shit that would be a major player in our final grade. Don't you know what the project should be? As a "communications" professor, can't you "communicate" those expectations from the get go?

Also, 8 week class, just finished "mid term" project, only 2 weeks to go.

Have I mentioned that there's one thing I hate more than reading from powerpoint slides? That would be reading the book to me. And not having read it before, so she's not familiar with the text, so we then have to wait while she scans the text to find something to call out. Oh, and reading from subject matter that's 2 weeks old. Add in not knowing some of the words (different that misreading, this is when she stoops and says, "What's that word/what does that mean?" (in a "I don't understand it" not in a "tell me you understand this concept" way)

Sigh. Two more weeks and I can put a check by this one. It's the only class that's not major related (and I used to love those, BTW) in my reboot.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, that class sounds like a real winner.

Steve Buchheit said...

Elizabeth. It is. Oh, it is. And I'm not telling everything.