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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Those wacky conservatives

Well, hey, there might be a way out of this gridlock on raising the debt ceiling. Ah, all they need to do is relinquish their Constitutionally mandated power to the President to cover their asses by doing the job they swore they would. And then they can pass a resolution telling the President how naughty he is. Which he can then veto, and there won't be enough votes to overturn that veto. Simple, eh? I have one word for this plan.


Okay, I have two words. Fucking Cowards.

Really? Really? This is a serious plan? Abdicating your responsibility because you don't want to take the heat doing what you know you need to do?

Fortunately this balloon is being shot down. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the GOP presidential field would be against it (knowing they'll also have to raise the debt ceiling if they win the presidency).

Then we have the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, who says the President now needs to come forward with his plan and submit it to Congress for them to pass. Hey, John, you might want to attend one of those Constitution readings that are all the hip thing, I hear. Because setting appropriations and managing the money is your job. Okay, well, it's the job of the body you lead. Do your gorram job.

But of course they can't. They're staring their worse nightmare in the eye and are frozen by fear, wondering how it all came to this and why no one will save them. See, when you look at this problem with a practical and fully honest eye, you know that both the debt ceiling needs to rise as do revenues. Unfortunately they've spend the past decade convincing people they don't need to (even after increasing the debt ceiling 8 times claiming that "deficits don't matter", at the time, though, what would become the Tea Party was silent as the lambs at the doubling of the debt because... well, I don't know really why except that they thought the world was right and orderly and then for some reason after the election of Obama it wasn't).

So now we have Conservatives running for the exits and are just praying the President will take the political heat for them. I would wish them good luck with that, but we all have to live in this country they're creating. Thanks TPers.

Who knows, we might get to see just how much gold will be worth "after the crash" (hint, not a lot, really).

So, elected conservative, you have a choice to make. Either ruin your economy, abdicate your responsibility, or grow a pair and do what's necessary and show your math. Given the current political climate, I'm betting on one of the first two.

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vince said...

Meanwhile the Tea Party is furious at Boehner and want him gone. And speaking of the Tea Party, here's two recent quotes by former adviser to Ronald Reagan Bruce Bartlett that I just love:

"I think the vast bulk of Tea Party members are ignorant fools when it comes to understanding how government really operates. I have thought so for 2.5 years and see no reason to change my opinion."

Question: "Mr. Bartlett, hello. is there anything you feel the american people can do to convince congress to work on job creation and protect our economy by increasing the tax burden on the wealthy?"

Answer: "Fire all the Republicans next year."