What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Candle Light with Organ Music

Spent yesterday at Christmas in Zoar. We have photos and will try and get some of them posted. There were plenty of houses open to tour that we hadn't been in, and one old favorite (the Cider Mill, that if we had the mullah, we probably would have purchased when it came up for sale six years ago). Unfortunately they refurbed the Mill and added on some pieces that, IMHO, detracted from the historic plan of the place.

We walked around the village several times, put our order in for bread early (and got what we wanted, I think that's because 1) we ordered and 2) they had several bakes throughout the day). Usually on the crafters I don't find anything that interests me (and that goes for most craft fair things), however this time I did find some things I liked. And even though they were somewhat expensive, I did buy them (two big advances for me). I'll try and have pictures of those as well (they're copper foil wrapped switch plates, I would have liked the solid copper, but the designs on the copper foil were much nicer). Bought a holiday present for Bette, but had some problems with the vendor (changed price from 28 to $30, added in a $.50 gift bag which somehow brought us to $31 and with tax came magically to $41... uhm, no, backtracked when I called her on it and threw in a freebee, if Bette hadn't liked it so much to actually point it out to me I would have just walked out on the deal).

So all in all a mixed bag, but it was good to be out and about. Dinner at a small diner in Bolivar was very good, ran into a friend of sister-in-law who was showing their house. Their kitchen remodel, while breaking away from the historic flavor of the house, was fabulous. The cabinets were excellent (hand made, solid wood doors, matching laminate on MDF cases with solid hardwood faces, just OMFG fantastic).

Today we'll be doing some chores, adding lights, maybe rewiring one of the deer, doing some online research and hopefully getting close to the end of Chapter 36. It's bright and sunny, and now a little past noon, so time to get running.

Also, as a programing FYI, I may be turning on captcha today. I didn't want to but the spammers (or one) has found a way around the moderation. But from what I could tell they couldn't get around the captcha. Again, hopefully it'll be temporary.


Dan said...

Zoar eh? That's just south of my old stomping grounds. Walked around the gardens there a couple of times a life or two ago. Drove through Zoar on the way to an old Scout camp (Tuscazoar) about 100 times too.

Steve Buchheit said...

It's changed a little since we were last there. They've cleaned up the gardens a bit, and the Zoar Inn rennovation continues at a snail's pace (although the outside looks to be in good shape now).

The major thing is that there are no real interpreters anymore, just a bunch of people in costume hanging around and some hand lettered signs. Also, one worker contradicted me on what the Number One house was used for (originally was dormitory for new arrivals/workers, then became a hostel and finally the old folks home). She claimed it was always the old folks home. Really. So, when the Zoarites emigrated they brought their old and infirm with them that they had to build the Number One house the second year of the settlement? (also the old controversy of what the holes in the walls were for, no, you couldn't stoke the fire properly through such holes, and if you adjusted the stoves to do it that way - ie. see holes in ceiling for where stoves actually were - you'd have a good chance of setting the structure on fire).