There's battle lines being drawn.
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds
getting so much resistance from behind

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A day as long as my leg

Well, just finished dinner at 9:30pm, so that should tell you what kind of day it has been.

The day thing is feast or famine. Today was feast (after two days of famine). And design work filled the schedule. First a special job for a friend of the owner. I'm assuming it's going on top of a jar (or side of a jar) for a gift of food. I got to be a bit crazy playing with hot colors, some cartooning, and license to be a little wacky. Frankly, if I may say so, I blew the stoppers out and created a funky little piece. Then I finished the day with form design, the stall mucking part of the job (it's dirty, it pays the bills, not glamourous in any sense - even if Mike Rowe gave running commentary - and you feel like you're shoveling shit - so you buck up and do it the best you can).

In other news I've started taking the welbutrin again. I may have over reacted to some emotional problems, but the holidays are stressful enough without me adding to them with being a dick. I also had an episode of going to extreme anger over the slightest problem. I don't wish to suffer through the holidays. We'll relook at it again after the New Year. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment. It won't be a good one. There's several issues to discuss, welbutrin being the least. I switched over to extended release metformin in October when a side-effect of the regular kind became too much. However, I don't think I'm responding to this formulation as well, although the side-effects are gone. My weight has been creeping up even though I'm eating less, fewer "extras" (like ice cream, pop, bagels, donuts, etc) and I'm working out on the Wii (6 minutes of Super Hula Hoops, OMG!).

I've only managed about 50 new words on Chapter 38, but I am self-editing some little pieces that will be in an anthology soon. Since the matter of pay for markets has come up and I've made comments on it in support of Scalzi's position (if you've seen the arguments, you know his position), I'll mention that there was no pay for these pieces (although there is the chance of royalties). The differences are 1) I went in full aware of that - and no payment, frankly, is more honest than fraction of pennies per word, 2) The editor is respected in the field and will edit these pieces professionally, 3) I honestly have more chance of exposure through this antho, and in the right quarters, than from some 4theluv or semi-pro markets, and 4) I had a hell of a lot of fun writing them and enjoyed the challenge of writing a story in blog form and in twitter length.

Then tonight we had an "emergency meeting" to discuss some of the issues surround our new Village Charter. And here I'll make a shout out to Dwight who is in the hospital with pneumonia. I just heard tonight and I hope you're feeling better soon. Some measure of panic over things easily remedied. And I think it showed part of a point brought up in the meeting, we have strong leadership in the Village and we exercise that for the service and betterment of citizens of the Village.

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