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Monday, December 21, 2009

Yet another one to add to the list

And I'll let you decide which list they're added to.

Dear World Financial Network National Bank (store credit card),

You're raising our rate to 25%, removing minimums, and adding a slew of "fees" including a $1 fee per paper statement you send?

With all due respect, screw you. Your card gets the shredder treatment. Think I'm being harsh? That's essentially what your bulk mailed "change of agreement statement" shouted loud and clear at me. I'm just returning the favor. We'll take our (number redacted, let's just say when we looked at refinancing and we asked for the best rate, they said it was only for those customers with the highest credit score, we said, "Check ours, we'll wait" and they came back a minute later with, "Oh, sorry") credit score and do business with someone else.

Wishing you well in this holiday season.

Bite me,
Your former customer

Seriously, $1 to send me a bill? Just how the fuck do you expect me to pay online? With a different card? Oh, wait, you want me to give you access to my bank account for automatic withdraw? Excuse me for a second, I'm laughing so hard I can't catch my breath. Okay. I'm back.


Dan said...

CitiBank just raised our rates to 29.9%. Jen gave them the same response you did. I'll be dropping my card, which I've had since 1995, with them soon too.

Steve Buchheit said...

Dan, yep. I guess they're all playing by the old rule book and haven't learned there's a new sheriff in town. (of course it would help if the new sheriff introduced himself a little more forcefully).