What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


To my fellow NE Ohio Drivers,

It's called a light dusting of snow. It is not called "OMFG! We're All Gonna Die!" Now, tomorrow afternoon if it plays out according for forecasts, you have the right to panic. Today, not so much. You attention in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Your fellow commuter.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Yeah, I was royally pissed about the stupid way people were driving this morning on my long commute -- and the snow isn't scheduled to arrive and dump on us for a few more hours. Get with the program, guys! Stop signs mean "Stop". Etc.

Dr. Phil

Capcha word is "datho" -- a dado blade with a lisp.

Steve Buchheit said...

Yep, although for me it was "there's no reason to drive 10-20 mph below the speed limit."

vince said...

Oh, noes, snow!!

Yeah, we have some of the same drivers here. We also have the ones who drive like it's still dry pavement as well.

Todd Wheeler said...

Huh, I thought they only did that in the warmer climes.

Of course, I haven't dared drive today. Those people are nuts.

Steve Buchheit said...

Vince, oh we have those "dry pavement all the time" as well. They tend to disappear after the first few snows and don't seem to get a new car until after the ice goes out in the spring.

Todd, to be fair, they're always nuts there. The weather doesn't matter that much.

WendyB_09 said...

Here in Atlanta they do that crap when it rains. Wreckage city.

Now when it threatens to maybe snow...grocery store traffic jams so people can buy milk, bread and frozen pizza. Now if it turns into a real storm, I'm not sure how they're going to cook the frozen pizza with the power out.

Steve Buchheit said...

acetylene torches, Wendy. That's what we would use to bake the pizzas.

And we get those grocery store traffic jams as well. Usually the first bad storm of winter gets everybody going. Then they realize, "He, we live in the NE. It's supposed to snow like that and we're prepared."

Although this year with budget cuts might be interesting if we get a lot of snow. At least we got a decent price for salt and they aren't warning about shortages (like last year).

WendyB_09 said...

When I got rid of a bunch of camping gear many years ago, I kept the 2-burner Coleman camp stove and bought a couple of those baby fuel cylinders it runs on. Just in case, as these new-fangled electric ignition gas stoves won't let you light up a burner without power.

And tomorrow morning when I head out to the bus in Atlanta it will be about 20F BEFORE you factor in the windchill. Think it will be an extra large coffee when I get to our office!