There's battle lines being drawn.
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
Young people speaking their minds
getting so much resistance from behind

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crack that WIP

Just folded in Chapter 36. It came in at 2340 words. Which is a bit on the heavy side. It starts off a little slow, but the majority of it is action.
Parting the seals and the one in the middle lost his head. As his body dropped piercing the clouds and the one on the right developed a puncture wound through his back, between his ribs and into his left lung. That broke up the stalemate. The thumper closest to me on the left attacked before I could withdraw my blade and his blackjack to my left shoulder sent my arm numb.

... I let go of my sword, still embedded in the ribcage of the other thumper and body slammed the one with the blackjack using my numbed side. He stumbled back a step before going down. I had to take an extra two steps to keep from falling over with him.

The thumper with my sword in him fell to his knees, dropping the sticks he had held. Then he started toppling backward. I ran and jumped to tackle him, the pommel of my sword jamming in my own right side ribs, but changed his momentum forward. He collapsed on his face and I went spilling over him. At least I had kept him from falling on my sword and damaging it.

I got to my knees to see the thumper I had slammed was already on his feet. I jumped up into a run, pulling my sword from the back of the fallen thumper and getting the tip up just in time to run it through my other attacker and we piled together. His arm that held the blackjack, raised to strike me, came down hard on my numbed shoulder. Turning cold numbness into streaking fire. I shouldered him off my blade, yelling from the pain, and he fell on his back. I could tell he wouldn't get up again. I flicked my blade quickly to throw the blood and gore off of it.

That brings us to a total of 63475 words. The end is in sight. The consequences of this chapter is they find the information they need to locate the magician. Next up is what to do with it, a final meta battle move (of which we foreshadowed, but you find out what it is this chapter, essentially the bomb goes off), then the assault on the hideout, and the final battle. Then the wrapping up of those who survived getting back to work. And finally the chapter about chopping wood, carry water.

The next few weeks are going to be very busy. I don't even have the Xmas Tree put up yet. I still haven't heard definitively if we're closing shop for a week (of which I'm of two minds, 1) bummed because less money but 2) psyched that I might have more time to write). Plus we have to get the car worked on. We're at the 110,000 mile maintenance line. So time for new timing belt, new spark plugs, a valve job, and new cabin filter (in case you're wondering it'll be nearly $1000). We'll have to leave the car with them the whole day. Which for us means a lot of logistics on who has what car when. Fortunately it's coming at a point where we can arrange it (this past semester and next semester, not so much).

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