What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Monday, December 28, 2009

Five Golden Rings

Okay, well, that'll be tomorrow, but it's close enough.

I'm back. Yes, not enough time or access for the internet. We spent time with family, so need I say I'm glad to be back with you all? Seriously folks, it was good to spend time with the family. I think Mom and I are a little closer. I didn't get to see my brother because of scheduling. Caught up with the nieces, the nephews not so much (one got sick, the others just wanted to play video games), the siblings-in-law, and found myself in the grocery story in Canton thinking, "All these people look familiar. My people." Canton was where I went to High School (well, Plain Township actually).

Now we're back with the gatos, and they are glad to see us. Right now they are at the other end of the couch doing a mirror cleaning. It's like they're the Synchronized Tongue-Cleaning Olympic Team. I give them a 4.5 (out of 6). They aren't exactly mirroring each other, and they get distracted when I look at them.

Even with all the craziness I got Chapter 38 done (using my Mom's computer). She came in heavy at 1920 words. Which brings us to a total of 67105. That leaves me with four more chapters to go before rewrite time, two of which are action (for me those go quickly) and two to wrap it up.

The drive home tonight was crazy. Not so much from the weather, which was here, but from the idiots who decide that driving 20mph in a 60 zone, when it's been scraped and salted, is a good idea. Hint, it's not. First car we nearly had an accident with because the car in front of us screened our view (fortunately nobody was in the left lane, although it wasn't as cleared). Second car, well, dude, if there are eight cars backed up behind you, pull over (I was number 5). Don't keep driving the 12 miles into town (slowest 12 miles of the whole trip).

The other shoe failed to go off. I found myself yelling at the TV news as they were all saying, "Foiled Terrorist Attempt" shouting "Failed, it's a 'failed terrorist attempt.' If it was 'foiled' someone would have jumped him before he set his crotch on fire." And you don't want to know what I was yelling when the "Second Terrorist Incident that Wasn't a Terrorist Incident" got reported. Seriously, not news. Okay, the news was "flight attendant panics" not "Another Nigerian tries to blow up airplane, but was just sick in the bathroom." NewsFAIL. Oh look, now everybody is interested in Yemen. You know, like those of us tracking this were for the past eight frickin' years. And those news outlets who are talking about "the next war" (thank you Joe Lieberman, when are you out of office again?) you can't say that and complain about the debt ceiling.

Ugh. I'm getting all ranty-stabby again. Must think of other things.

Okay, is it wrong that when the Weather Channel plays the theme to Home Alone during "Your Weather on the 8's" that I giggle?

Oh, and before I forget, Holy Crap the Browns won a real game last weekend. Surely that's a sign the Apocalypse is nearly upon us. Run! Run for your lives!


Stewart Sternberg said...

No football fan has a right to wring their hands concerning their team...unless that fan is a Detroit Lions' fan. The Browns...I felt bad for them when they lost their team because that SOB shunted them off to Baltimore, but since they've been back they've been better than the perpetual expansion team I have to suffer through.

Anonymous said...

If it's the apocalypse, where can you run?

I'll give it foiled, as Mr. Terrorist could have set his other pants leg on fire and actually set us up the bomb. Failed however, is equally appropriate.

How deep is it at your house? I looked at the radar last night - there was this bright blue blob heading for your house.

prable - a drabble parable.

Anonymous Cassie

Steve Buchheit said...

Stewart, I did ask if we were playing the Lions again. And yeah, I feel your pain. While the NFL kept the history and name of the Browns here, I don't really feel like their my team. Not like I did before Art Modell (cursed be his name) moved my team to Baltimore.

Cassie, we have about 6 or so inches on the ground. And you're right, you can run from the Apocalpse, but that just means you're Raptured tired. Or something like that.