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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sometimes I'm just no fun

Okay, well, first, giving you all a heads up. There is every likely hood that over the next week I will be several days away from a reliable interweebie connection. So, if I don't get another chance to wish you a Happy Merry Xmas, have a Happy Merry Xmas.

And now to the meat of the post.

You know how lots of people are talking about how cool the new Sherlock Homes movie looks? And yet, with my day job trained eyes, I look at the title card and think, eh, that's wrong. So, they're going for the look of cold slug type. Although there's very little depth to the slug, which makes it actually look a little line linotype, but then there are the lines between the characters which wouldn't be there... see where I'm going here? And then there is the matter that the type is backwards. The type, in real life, would be mirrored. Yes, I know, I have some in my office.

So my highly warped mind educated eye says, "That's WRONG!" And it sucks all the joy out of the exceedingly nice steampunkary (oh, thank you gods of computers who developed the process of scanning in all the frames of a movie, or shooting it digitally to begin with, and then adjusting all the colors). Add this to the times of going out to a bar or restaurant and having just suck ass visual communications thrown in my face. Sometimes I'm just no fun to be around.

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Rick said...

You have a wonderful holiday, Steve! You and yours both. And we'll be waiting for you when you get back to a good internet connection...