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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, December 4, 2009

WIP around the corner

Chapter 35 is in the bag. She came in at 1769 words. I added some words to previous chapters (adding to the story, things I knew where they went and didn't want to wait). Also went through and double checked the math. I hate to admit, but some other errors had crept in). So we're now at the total of 61135 (which is less than last time and a little disheartening). On the plus side I have about 300 words of Chapter 36. Also, of the last seven (planned) chapters, three are all action which I seem to bang out pretty quick, two are novel wrap up, and the other two tying up loose ends and connecting dots.

Also, I didn't like how the chapter was ending, it felt a little too facile. So I rearranged a few words of dialog and made it much punchier. Those words aren't in the part below (but occur right after, sorry, I want to hold that back as a gift for the book), but I'm still pretty proud of this part.
"This is getting redundant meeting you here," I said.

She smiled at me in the way lions smile at gazelles. "I wanted to thank you for getting me away from Xeing."

Her eyes were inticing. I could fall into them for hours and she happy consumed me. Fortunately for me I'd been down this path a few times before. "Knowing you're safe if all the reward I need," I said, trying not to lie too much.

She pressed forward, making the closet feel smaller. I backed up to the wall, found a desk behind me and sat down on its top. The scent of her washed through my senses and overwhelmed them. It had been a long time since I had layed with a woman. "But I think you deserve more," she said in a soft voice.

Think of mating preying mantises and you get a little of what is really happening in the scene.

So, to round up, happy with the chapter, pissed I got the math wrong (again), in good shape heading into the final part of the book. I know a lot of what happens. The major action scene I had already started writing as a second short story, but I'll be retying it from scratch as there's enough difference. That came through in the fragmented pieces I did last weekend.

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