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Friday, April 1, 2011

Linkee-poo doesn't need a random date to be a fool

Still way behind in my reading and other living things. This week was worse than last week (although I don't have anything I have to study this weekend, but I have tons of other projects I need to get finished before I do have something to study). We added several emergency freelance projects to the mix. I don't think I've gone to bed before 11 at all since last Friday (when I just plain collapsed at around 10:30pm). I'm catching up in an odd random way, which is I normally read teh internits (sic on purpose, I do enough not on purpose that I thought I should point that out).

Jim Macdonald holds forth on an interesting market twist on the whole ebook "we don't need no stinkin' publishers" thrust. Yes, Virginia, sometimes there is a need for professionals. However the whole piracy/plagiarism side of it I didn't see. That the ebook might be flooded by bad writers, we'll, I've been saying that for awhile. And for those people who don't understand just how bad that issue may be, I don't think I could explain the market dynamics/learned behavior intersect, but I'll just say that because some advertising professionals didn't understand it internet ads nearly died.

Catherine Schaff-Stump gives a little insight into the differences between types of authors and waiting until something is ripe. The short version, at least for me, is that it's all about the story.

Sometimes as new writers (can I still claim that?) focus on the mechanics and buy all those "how to write/publish/edit" books that now take up a whole bookcase. However, Alex Bledsoe over at Tor.com talks about learning to write foremother sources. In this case, from a book about Star Trek (the original series) and how the critiques inside exposed the bones of story. Just to reiterate what you may or may not have heard, the best thing for a writer is to get out and experience the world, not take another writing course or MA in Fiction program.

Jim Wright keeps on a roll with his America: Land That I Love post. Yes, this.

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