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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Linkee-poo insists that Han shot first, which is why we love him

Today in history we have the opening of the Civil War as Confederate Guns opened fire on Fort Sumter 150 years ago. Yuri Gagarin is the first human to make it into space 50 years ago today. And 30 years ago today the Space Shuttle Columbia went throttle up for the first time (the first space shuttle to launch into space). Today NASA announces which institutions will get the retiring shuttles and Sotheby's auctions off the last trial Vostok capsule before Yuri's flight.

Oh look, Fukushima has been upgraded (hint, it's not a good thing). But don't worry, it's not really as bad as Chernobyl. They only released one tenth of the particles into the atmosphere that Chernobyl did. Remember when it was "only radioactive Iodine that has a quick half life"? Good times. Good times. Get the feeling you're in a "The cat is up on the roof and won't come down" joke yet? Like I said, I've been on this ride before. Don't worry folks, we're approaching the bottom of the first hill.

And just because, yes, nuclear power is less costly in terms of human life than coal, oil, or natural gas. Since we celebrated the one year anniversary of the Massey Energy's Big Branch Coal Mine explosion last week I thought I would mention that. Remember when it was a tragic accident that couldn't have been foreseen or prevented? Good times. Good times. Unfortunately nobody will be going to jail on that one either. Remember my comment about having to wait until people are dying on the job before we do anything about it? Too late.

How not to bug the fuck out when writing a novel. Bwahahaha. As the title may be indicative, the language is not exactly safe. "Writing a novel is just freaking weird, man. Feels like you’re wandering through a dark forest with a lantern whose meager light is cast by a flock of disgruntled and unpredictable fireflies. "(Pointed to by Miranda Suri)

Teresa Nielsen Hayden on literary categories and marketing. Making with the funny again. (Although Making Light is on my list, initially pointed to by Jay Lake)

Little girl joins the Dark Side and is promptly kicked out of the Jedi Academy. The funny, today seems made for it. (Pointed to by Eric)

A flapping robot takes flight. I believe that signals "game over" when it comes to flight. And don't miss looking at the AirJelly video further down on the page. That just tickles my inner 12-year old geek to no end. When people tell you that we aren't living in the future, you can now tell them to go stuff it. Of course, I still would like my jet pack, please.

More on how cuts can end up costing you more. You know, unless you just end public access to public records. That would solve a lot of problems while making it easier to install an oligarchy. Really. I posted a link earlier about the proposed conservative agenda to end the republic sort of as a joke. I didn't mean for you all to take it seriously.

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