What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, April 8, 2011

Linkee-poo is dynamite with a laser beam

So, fair and balanced as someone suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Really Fox? Multicultural markers are what you focus on? Something that's been settled for well nigh on four decades now? I'll also agree with the article, for an organization that touts the strength of the market economy, here it is in action. Of course, the "market" focus is only good when it focuses on their needs and wants, and all that pesky regulation gets out of their way and lets them be the ignorant, selfish children they want to be. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

This TPM article on Rep. Ryan's dismantling of Medicare pretty much says a lot of what I've been thinking. The cynical statements of, "it's exactly what Congress gets" in attempting to explain away this abrogation of basic government principles just ticks me off. Do I need to remind everybody of the poor rep who just can't make ends meet on $174,000 a year salary? (Okay, unfair as there are more expenses than usual for a Congressman, like living in two places, but still) So you're 1) going to charge senior more in hard cash for the "same" coverage, but 2) (most) seniors don't make nearly as much as our representatives. It's just mind boggling idiocy. Really, anybody who thinks they can

And because I'm scooping for content since my brain was scraped out and served as zombie flambé earlier this week, have some random tweeting I've done lately.
Must stop stress eating. Being hungry is GOOD when you're trying to lose weight. But office got pizza for lunch. They're trying to kill me.

We burn our dead in dragon ships. The sea takes her children, until the skies resound with Ragnarok.

Oh great internet brain, anybody know of a reason 2 redirect a url from "www.name.com" to just "name.com"? Is this against standards?

What's worse than stress eating? Knowing it's stress eating and still not being able to stop. Sigh.

Finally got to do some writing. It feels like surfacing after being underwater for too long.

Now that H. Klum is hawking old age products, it's official, all the hot supermodels of my youth have passed the middle matron years.

Internal fire and a drive to make what you're doing better. That and good chocolate. #fundamentals

Dear World, it's a Friday. In the Western World that means you're not allowed to suck. Please see to that.

Lilly Tomlin is just like a daylily, only stranger and more beautiful.

And from the sky, serene and far, A voice fell, like a falling star, Custard! #poetryimprovedbyaddingcustard

Here's hoping I have something more original to say real soon now.


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