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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Healthcare Scheduling

Okay, remember all the brouhaha during the debate about "socialized medicine" and "the long waits you have" and how our US system is "the greatest in the world."

You may also remember that I've been having sleep studies. After complaining about bad sleep for 3 years I finally got a referral to a local sleep center. The appointment when I got the referral was June 24th. The first sleep study was on July 24th. I made a follow up with my primary care doctor on August 19th (3 weeks, it should only take 2 weeks to get the report). He didn't have the report ready then.

It wasn't until Sept. 9th that I had the results. Diagnosis, "Moderate Sleep Apnea" in case you're wondering. So I needed a follow up sleep study to determine if I could use CPAP. That only took two weeks. So I had my follow up on Sept 22nd.

I just got a call (today) that I need to meet with one of the "sleep doctors". Want to know when the appointment is?

November 16th. That's when I'll also probably get my machine (or at least I'm hoping). If not, that'll be another appointment.

For those of you playing the at home game, that's nearly 5 months after the initial referral with two of those appointments a month or more apart.

Tell me again how we don't have delays in our system. Oh, and for the Nov 16 appointment, I'll have to use half a day of PTO to go to the appointment.


Elizabeth said...

I went to the ER in an ambulance with a heart thing, and had to wait 3 days for an appointment with a cardiologist. Not a long wait at all for most things, but a heart?

vince said...

Ever notice that almost without exception those making all the claims about our wonderful healthcare system are either a) wealthy and/or b) have wonderful healthcare benefits.

Of course the healthcare system is wonderful. For them.

Steve Buchheit said...

Elizabeth, I know. Not to mention the times we've been in the ER with the admonition to "call a specialist for an appointment" as we leave. Without a solid diagnosis or much help. When I broke my leg, I was damn lucky the guy who became my orthopedic surgeon was walking through and my attending wrestled him into the room. If that hadn't happened, I more than likely wouldn't be walking.

Vince, yep. I notice that all the time. "My health insurance is great!" "Really, ever have to use it?" "Only occasionally." "You've never had to dispute a bill or their refusal to pay?" "Oh, no. We just paid it anyway."