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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Linkee-poo goes out for eggs

Catherine Shaffer holds forth on simpleminded writing for terminal smartypantses. I wouldn't call it "simpleminded" but "transparent prose." And even that is a misnomer. It's clarity of story and writing. Now, I love me my word play as much as any other writer out there. Hell, it's one of the reasons I love reading Steven Brust. But if that's all you're going for, that way leads to the dark side (aka "purple prose" - which is actually quite funny given that Mr. Brust's Paarfi series is all about the purple prose). Anyway. Where was I? Oh yeah, your reader shouldn't have to work hard to get the story. That isn't to say that your story can't have layers in it. Hiding Easter Eggs for the attentive or well read reader is part of the fun. But your main story shouldn't (there I go using that word again) rely on that level. And then there is a layer of transparent prose. You can put some reference in your story that someone who has studied the Kabala and the Silmarillion will laugh uproariously at your witticism and that's okay. But if you require that level to get the basic point that girls will be boys and boys will be girls in this mixed up, mumbled up, shook up world, then I think your writing may be a bit too dense.

The Last Stand 4 Children First blog. And it's classic post, 1 in 4 student read in the bottom quartile. Yeah, you should get the tone of the blogposts just from that title. (Grokked from Tobias Buckell)

Since it was going around at the writers retreat and it wasn't the sniffles, I thought I would share. 750 words. Go for the flamingo.

Just so farking cool, an electric Tron lightcycle. Have I ever mentioned I love living in the future where people do things like this? In no manner could I ever afford such a thing (and, truthfully, it looks a little uncomfortable), but it makes the world a lighter place knowing it's out there. Also, don't forget, they used to sell street bike armor based on the gaming costume from Tron (which also lit up). (Grokked from Jay Lake)

The media coverage of the Solyndra scandal compared to other scandals. As well as some actual information about what happened and what didn't. Your liberal media at work. (Grokked from Tobias Buckell)

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