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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Linkee-poo has been saving its pennies

I try to leave the political stuff for last, but this one is too good to bury. It's an open letter to that 53% guy, and some of the best explanation of the progressive mind that I've seen in years. It also breaks some of the myths being built by a certain news organ and it's symbiotic conservative party. Also, for the record, I ended college working 4 jobs simultaneously and taking a full-time load (just barely). Also, currently working 2 jobs, commuting an hour for the money maker, freelancing, going back to school to retrain for a completely different industry, and trying to launch a writing career. And I'm a liberal. So, for those conservatives who have the "Annoy a liberal" bumpersticker, fuck you. I'll work you into the ground (because I have literally worked until the bodies started falling around me).

Cherie Priest crows from the rooftops. And deservedly so. Congrats.

Nathan gives us some of our interesting history. Did you ever see the movie Poltergeist (or any of the later variants) and say, "But nobody would ever do that." Well, yeah, you're wrong. In this case it was intentional, but in many cases the little local cemeteries just fall into disrepair and you never know what you're building on until you dig to put in a vegetable victory garden.

A blog post on the question of who owns your intellectual property. Yet another reason why OWS is going on, the cards are stacked against you. For the design business it is nominally accepted that individual designers will freelance, and as long as their not poaching clients, former clients, or would be clients (which can cause some problems), most places are live and let live. As you can see by this article, they don't have to be. It's also a good thing to get that agreement in writing, and specify out just what is covered under the non-compete agreement. For my current day job, there was a clause in my work papers that was very close to the, "whatever you do where ever you do it, because we pay your salary, we own." So I made sure that because my business is not in the writing and publishing (fiction) business, that all my writing was exempt from that rule. YMMV.

Vince asks us, what would Jesus do? Yeah. He'd totally do that (no, you have to click on it to see what I'm talking about, it's just a graphic, not a long article, come on, you'll laugh).

The Slactivist on the conservative block to actual helping people out with the President's jobs bill. Congrats, conservatives, you're getting the dysfunctional government you want. Happy, yet? And, again, here I will remind you all that we're not going to get reimbursed for that meth lab cleanup. All those reimbursement programs are ended. We're hoping to add the bill to the fines imposed on the people we arrested (I'm not taking odds on if we'll ever see that money). (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Don't think people can live in different realities than you (in the "reality of the collective consent" vein)? Here's some quotes from C. Peter Wagner, the intellectual leader of the New Apostolic Reformation, during his Fresh Air interview. I think I pointed to this interview before. Serious bug fuckery going on there. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

Who are the 1%? I'm not sure I agree with the article on how that it's not all Wall Street Types and that goes against what OWS is about. I think Wall Street was a convenient metaphor. Considering the branching out into other cities, the locus of protest isn't against a specific institution, but about what that institution represents. And we don't need the talk of violence, folks (note reference to French Revolution and earlier post about the types of revolutions depends on whom is on the outs). And finally, some commentary on the real history of what happened to America and the extent myth breaking with reality (Note top graphic may be NSFW depending on how fast your coworkers are). Reality like, "The two European countries with plenty of extra cash, Germany and Sweden, are also the two most unionized countries in the western world." Go figure. (Grokked from Jay Lake)


Phiala said...

That interview with Wagner was what convinced me once and for all that I couldn't possibly ever do Terri Gross's job. She kept a straight face (voice) the whole time, and only really laid into him once, and that subtly and politely.

Steve Buchheit said...

Phiala, it's a testament to her interview skills, but I'm not sure she's done a service to society for not laughing (although it's good that she brought these loons to more people's attention).

Phiala said...

I disagree. If she'd laughed at the loon, he would have shut down. Instead, she took him seriously, or appeared to, and elicited a lot more information than we otherwise would have gotten.

Making the interviewee defensive is not a good strategy.