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nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Linkee-poo gets it out of it's system early

The weekend is going well so far (see updated progress bars). Eight more chapters to go. I unexpectedly ran into another chapter that needed serious restructuring yesterday. In the rewriting of earlier chapters somethings hadn't occurred that were later wrapped up in that chapter. But now they couldn't be, because they didn't need wrapping up, if you see what I mean. Fortunately there was a plethora of other events that could be played upon at that moment. I also needed to explain certain things a little more. Some more emotional tension was added. That seems to be a common critique, I thought I showed the the protags emotions, but not everybody got things. And after listening to the Harry Dresden series, I picked up some clues on how and where to include that sort of thing. And finally, I was able to restore some balance to a main relationship and figured out how to play that tension correctly (and gave reasonings why in the previous chapter things seemed to be going well, but "now that the blood thumping action is over" other emotions can be processed and damn it, one character blames another for a third's death and can now be angry about that).

Peer into the murky depths of the Tea Party mentality. Yes, back in the old idyllic ages where only (white) male property owners could vote, things were much better (but only for white, male property owners, well, some of them). Yep, that pretty much caps the mentality of Rep. Steve King. Oh, and Tea Party, I don't see you disavowing him.

Analyzing prose and missing the bigger picture. Some notes on critique and not understanding why people actually read. It's sort of like debating the qualities of Eddie Van Halen and Alex Lifeson and throwing in Jimi Hendrix for good measure. All are excellent guitarists, and I love to listen to them all, but they don't have the same flavor of genius. This is also like bagging on JK Rowling or Dan Brown because you don't like their prose structures. They can't hear you over the shouts of their fans and the money in their bank accounts. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

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