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Continual crisis!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three things makes a post

Spent the weekend trying to catch up with chores. Finally got the first leaf-blowing activity done. Hopefully that will allow the lawn to dry out this week so I can mow it either Friday or Saturday (it really need another mow before the snow flies). I'll also need to go up on the roof soon, to clear off the leaves that get stuck up there.

We had our Tricks or Treats on Saturday. We had nearly 600 kids come bye (between the ages of "Are you sure your obstetrician is okay releasing you two this early," and "So how's the college search going"). Given our village is less than 2000 people, I think you can guess how these things go. There weren't very many stunning costumes this year, although there were plenty of home made ones (of which there is nothing wrong with that). Some of the baby costumes looked very second (third, or fourth) hand. People, overall, seemed to be in a good mood. It was chilly, but no rain. I had six or eight groups that wanted to take photos in my yard with the various decorations (the inflatable Grim Reaper was the most requested, although we did get two who wanted to be in the graveyard). That always gives me a kick to see that. I decorate mostly for me (to be honest), but I do like that it's appreciated by the neighborhood.

Didn't get any studying done. Good thing the lab test was postponed to Wednesday (evening classes, there's a lot of parents). Signed up for a CPR class (need the card for admission) as well as a Pharmacy Technician course during next semester. Bette has heard rumors that having that on the resume is a big help. So Spring will be a big test. I'll have three courses going on. We'll see how we do with that and a full time job.

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