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What if all the switches get stuck on destroy?
When the shuttle goes, we won't take it
When the final counter-measures are deployed
All we'll have is all this time

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Amish SF Story!

Well, after a long dry winter of no Amish in SF/F/H, I was checking out some of the places I've submitted to check on what's going on. I hit OSC's Intergalactic Medicine Show and there, in this issue, is Rumspringa by Jason Sanford. I don't know Jason (at least by name), but another writer including the Amish in his SF/F work. Cool! I just googled him and his stuff looks interesting.

As Tobias is all about the Caribbean (Jason has interview Tobias! Excellent), I'm about exurbia (back to the farm) and the Amish. It's what we know. The Amish aren't in every story I write, but they certainly make up some of the supporting cast in much of my Fantasy. Some in my writers group wonder why I don't put more of them in (or work them into other stories). Well, I'm not always about exurbia. Some of my characters are very urban.

But, cool. Amish are published in SF.


Unknown said...

Amish Sci/Fi? Is that like Kosher pork? Is it just the thought: all science is fiction?

Steve Buchheit said...

Well, as a genre, the Amish prefer westerns (no, seriously). Just keep in mind that the Amish aren't technophobic, they're just highly selective of the tech they allow into their lives. Sometimes is how the tech is applied that canmake the difference. Such as having power tools for most amish communities is a no-no. However, having a pneumatic tool (saws, routers, drivers, srills, etc) is okay, and having a generator to drive an air compressor that then drives the power tools is accetpable. Yeah, it can get strange like that. Also, diamond cut saw blades, they work. High-carbon carbide steel tips, they also fit in. Shirts with pockets, well, that depends on your local bishop. It's all a matter of selection and choosing what to include and what to exclude, and what to work around.

Unknown said...

=( It was only a joke, but thanks for the answer. All I know about the Amish I learned from "Witness."

Steve Buchheit said...

Kanrei, no worries. It's just that I find most people's concept of the Amish to be a bit off, so I like to point things out to them. One of my most favorite facts I like to hit people with is that the Amish (at least in our area) are big consumers of cell-phones and Victoria Secrets (plain on the outside, lacy hot pink on the inside). That and the genetics research lab they funded here in Middlefield. That one gets people scratching their heads.

One of the parts of Amish life I'd like to learn more about is their folk beliefs and how they approach their religion. Those things would really help my writing abotu them.

Steve Buchheit said...

Jason Sanford, thanks for the shout out. I can't see how to comment on your site, so I hope you see this. Guess I should have made plans to go to Context this year to say hi.