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Friday, September 14, 2007

Next Year, We'll Always Win Homecoming Next Year

Swell guy Tobias Buckell gives some links to the recent Writers of the Future Winner and Judges.

Stephen Kotowych talks about the experience of winning the big prize and being at the events at his blog. And on the other side of the table, Shawn Williams talks about being a judge on his blog.

Next year, it'll be me, Mer (because she recently mentioned WotF on her blog), or one of you all. Yes, I have a good feeling about that prediction. So you should read them all, you know, so you're prepared for it.


Camille Alexa said...

Good luck to you! I bet next year Merrie Haskell will no longer qualify on the grounds of her Pro sales. That's not a bad thing.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

It wouldn't surprise me a bit. I'm going to keep hanging with my current Blogger crowd just so I can say, "I knew them when..."

Happy weekend!

Serena said...

Yes, it could very well be you -- and I hope it is. Good luck!

Steve Buchheit said...

Thanks everybody. I most certainly hope it happens this year. And yeah, I think Mer is almost disqualified from WotF (which means less competition from other really good writers for me!). I've been listening to the Adventures in SF Publishing and their nanocasts from the WotF workshop and ceremony. One of the writers there has gone to Clarion and Viable Paradise (was hoping to at least apply to the later this year, I need to check my contract, I think next year I get three weeks of vacation). So the competition has been stiffer than I thought. Make me feel better about those finalist placements.