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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just One of Those Days

Okay, so instead of continually making new postings, I have a feeling I'm going to run into a whole bunch of little things all through the day that I'd really like to talk about, so I'm just going to update this post (watch, now I won't find anything else interesting all day).

First up is the Joseph Campbell Introduction to Mythology at Sarah Lawrence College Reading Master List. And you think your college courses are/were tough? This was an intro class. When I was but a nubile freshman in college I, by mistake, took a 300 level Classic Mythology course. That, ladies and gentlemen, is absolutely not the way you should start college. I got a B- or C+, IIRC. I had no idea what a 300 level class meant, and being in the Honors Program nobody questioned my judgement in signing up for it. I think our reading list was about a quarter as long as this, and most of that were photocopied excerpts (before Kinkos became copy cop). I loved that class, BTW. Still do. I took a lot of really weird things. It wasn't my favorite (non-major) class, but it's close and that is saying a lot (if you knew my favorite, which was an Honors Program Studies course with Dr. Leathers, get me drinking and ask me about him if you want to know). Now, on the plus side, I have a longer Xmas wish list. :) Forgot to give a shout out to the Endicott Studio Blog (there's a permanent link to the right).

Not exactly groundbreaking, but I just realized that I hadn't read this months Ansible. What's up with that? You know Dave Langford won the Hugo... again. :)

Sure, in the morning I'm running into all these things that I just need to look at and post about, and then they peter out.

And then there's the Father of All Bombs. Now the article says they named it the "Father" because the nick name of the MOAB (our current weapon) is "Mother of All Bombs," but I think it has to do more with the Russian world view. They call their ships "Him" and their homeland "Mother." Ruskies, what can ya do with them.

Last thing, Karl Schoeder is inverviewed over at EcoGeek. Two great tastes that go together (Karl and EcoGeek). And they list two other blogs by Karl. Sweet!

That's all the updates I'm doing to this entry.


Camille Alexa said...

Dude. I cannot keep up with this breakneck blog pace of yours! You've turned into a blogging machine.

David Klecha said...

I did something similar when I was but a fresh-faced freshman, taking a 300-level history class, which was in my major, thinking it was the next logical step since I had tested out of all the 100-level stuff.

The professor was not amused, and I got a C+ for my trouble. Happily, same professor became one of my two mentors in the program, eventually.

Steve Buchheit said...

Camille, yeah, I don't know what's up with that. Except I want to write more so I'm taking it out on you all instead of writing (right now I'm taking a break from freelance to check in).

Dave, wow, I know what your major was. That had to be deep. I know for me that class 1) knocked me out of the honor program scholarships (kicked my butt and dropped my grade average and took away from other classes, which tanked my GPA) 2) set the course for my next couple of years of college, which was an upper-classman attitude and expectations taking under-classman classes. That took me a little to get used to, and I nearly flunked out because of the dissonance. Well, that and my attitude toward classes (which was set in the 7th grade by Mr. Mustard). Fortuantely I got turned around.