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Continual crisis!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

College Daze - Kids these days.

I'm lucky to keep in contact with many friends from college. Many of them, for some reason, still live close to the college (or at least work near there). A former professor of mine described it as the "black-hole effect of Akron U." Sure, you might think you have escape velocity, but you don't go far. So, anyway, last night my long-time friend and sometimes commentor, Dan B. sent me a photo he took on campus. The background looks like it's one of the new parking garages on campus.

The students these days. When I was in school I was looking for these very two things. Although we had to work hard to find them. I mean, it's not like they were just on every corner. But the kids these days are used to having everything handed to them. So now there are signs to help the kiddies out. And the school has obviously gathered them together in one room. How easy can it be.

My nephew now goes there. I wonder if he saw this?

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