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Friday, September 21, 2007

What Hath Stephen King Wrought?

Via Jay Lake's link salad, The Haven Foundation by Stephen King. If this lives up to the mission statement, Mr. King is made of not only awesomeness, but starry-eyed awesomeness.

I'm still reading through it, but this is very excellent. Good on you, Mr. King.

My only critique, hate the flash stuff as it makes navigation difficult. Some things are handled by other organizations, but not everybody belongs to one of those.


Leaf, Branch, Bark & Root said...

This is amazing. I hope that people won't take advantage of this and that the board is able to wade through the growing number of applications without becoming jaded by the charlatans that always lurk at the periphery.

Steve Buchheit said...

It depends on who he has on the board. He does state somewhere that this is why he has a board (it's easier to both cut someone off and to say no).

Todd Wheeler said...

Yep. Flash bad. Generosity good.

25k? Must be a heck of an endowment.

Steve Buchheit said...

Todd, I don't want to tell stories out of school or start rumours, but word has it that not only is Mr. King made of awesome, but he also is made of money. :)

Didn't start that way, he earned every cent. And on top of that, was really good with using that money to make more money (which is the real trick). Last I remember he owns much property, has some publishing interests, radio stations, and some other things. I don't begrudge him one cent of it either.