And they come with no warning,
nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home in time for after the holidays

Ah, back home. Bet you didn't know I was gone. Actually, yes, I was. I spent the weekend doing family stuff and not paying attention to myself. So, now I have a cold and an ear ache. Fabulous.

But now we're home and can have our Xmas. Well, tomorrow. It's late.

Helped Mom with some home things. Went bowling (broke 100 for both games, which is a good thing). But that also means my fingers hurt. I have big hands. Most "lane balls" that have holes that fit my fingers are at the 14 lbs range. So I'm either throwing a ball at least 2 lbs greater than I like, or I'm mashing my fingers into lighter balls. My fingers feel like they have rheumatoid arthritis in the distal joints.

Then there was the in-law Xmas, which after the "oh noes, how will we set this up" conversation I just started carrying tables myself. And even though the nieces and nephews are of age, it was just us adults cleaning up. Next time, yeah, I think I'm going to say something to them.

So, we're alive. Hope you had a great holiday if you celebrate. Tomorrow the weather turns nasty and the snow will arrive. Of course, I keep my decorations up until New Years at least. Sigh. Was hoping maybe not to freeze my tuckus off while taking down the decorations. Not to be.

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